Why are Afrobeats So Popular Today?

Girl listening to music

The answer is simple: Afrobeats are popular because it is a new, fresh and exciting sound that is getting people dancing all over the world. Afrobeats have their roots in Nigeria, but the sound has now been adopted by artists from all over Africa and the world. Afrobeats are a fusion of traditional African music […]

Understanding hyper-personalization as the next wave of customer engagement and marketing’s future- an Eric Dalius presentation

Eric Dalius

Today’s era belongs to the ‘evolved consumer’. It means consumers are actively seeking information for making informed decisions. They don’t blindly trust brands anymore. Today, consumer behavior heavily depends on user-generated content, influencers, and reviews. Businesses need to stand out and compel consumers to sit up and notice them. Eric Dalius tells the only way […]

Eric Dalius gives guidelines to build your store on wheels: the food truck business

Eric Dalius

With so many new and novel business ideas coming up, the food truck business can be quite lucrative. On-the-go meals are the latest craze in the market and if you’re planning to launch one, Eric Dalius has some valuable advice to offer. Food enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial knack may be unable to start a brick-and-mortar […]

Assessing the edge computing business models for startups with Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Edge computing brings cloud capabilities to the lap of the end-device or end-user. Notwithstanding the conventional debates about fog computing and edge computing, you need to know that the two have similar goals, says Eric Dalius. Telecom operators treat edge computing in parity with multi-access or mobile edge computing. Another variant, the telco edge computing […]

Taking digital banking a leap forward with hyper-personalization-an Eric Dalius assessment

Eric Dalius

Retain banking is changing. Gone are the days when you’d place customer in demographic data-based segments to deliver personalized experience. Organizations are now differentiating consumers on the basis of the length, depth, and relationship/connection with the brand. The banking sector isn’t an exception to this trend. The biggest benefit of hyper-personalization in banking is that […]

The wonders of Big Data analytics in bolstering your business operations-Eric Dalius explains

Eric Dalius

Every business entity, regardless of their size and scale, needs value insights and data. Big data essays a crucial role in understanding your customer’s and target audience’s tastes/needs. It helps organizations to anticipate their demands. Businesses need to funnel the right data effectively and analyze it properly. The right implementation of big data can help […]