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Eric Dalius takes a prismatic view of the upcoming trends that are going to shape startup businesses

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Startup trends indicate how the future will use the past. One of the biggest trends to redefine and reshape the future of business is AI technology. In 2021, brands will implement the best artificial intelligence tools in the country because of their holistic approach.

  • Startups are riding on immense innovation. These startups have a steady growth potential that have a huge appetite with a huge business advantage.
  • Current problems will have futuristic solutions. In the near future, incubators may offer massive push and sustenance for building a strong foundation and support system for the entrepreneur sector.
  • Upcoming startups will undergo ethical training. Eric Dalius says that compliance and empathetic business decision-making needs to be the next focus. VC funds will have an environmental and social impact.

The more investors will focus on achieving positive consequences on these two fronts, the more capital startups will have in their funds. Focus on capital efficiency is another aspect.

Virtual and augmented reality

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) represent a huge step forward in leading the user to a realistic and cohesive sensory experience.

  • Software and hardware vendors are working tenaciously to bring new VR tools to the marketplace.
  • The industry is growing rapidly and EJ Daliusexpects the global market to expand by 41% in the next five years. The potential VR users for pleasure or business are practically endless.
  • 3D movies are burning example. They are making movies in the 360-degree format. Real estate marketing is another niche. You can now search for a new home and embark on an online VR journey through an advertised property from your desk chair’s comfort.
  • VR has revolutionized the gaming industry. The new VR walkthroughs and titles continue to do so per week. Brands are using VR to build teams. Revamp team-building exercises and events with a seamless group VR experience.
  • VR interaction and social media are mutually-inclusive. People can interact in a great virtual online domain. Companies are also using VR for training purpose. It can inject a great realism degree into training avenues.
  • UPS businesses are launching an array of new delivery and driver training courses/programs with VR. VR is also ideal for personalized and customized meditation.

On robotic delivery

With more technology adoption, brands are opening up to using robotics for the purpose of delivery. What was once expensive and complicated is now normal. China is one of the first nations to enter the bandwagon. It has pumped up its development and implementation of robots for delivering orders and slowing Covid-19 spread.

  • There are dedicated delivery apps that use autonomous vehicles for sending grocery deliveries to customers. Eric J Dalius stresses on the project’s aim to reduce the potential infections due to human contact.
  • In the Western hemisphere, you’ve startups like Nuro, Starship Technologies, and Manna that are pushing robotic deliveries to another level.
  • Telehealth care is also taking the virtual route. They are trying to minimize the exposure to the virus for workers and patients. Many public and private establishments are resorting to telehealth services.

Biotech advancements, machine learning, and AI opportunities are supporting both admin work and diagnosis.

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