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How to handle online reviews to maintain your business reputation – Eric Dalius shares his experience

Eric Dalius

Online reviews can have a far-reaching impact on businesses. The opinion and views of customers about the various aspects of business can make or break the business. Potential buyers refer to online reviews to gather information about the product from the customer’s perspective, which is the most unbiased view based on real-life experience. They use the information to decide whether to buy the product or hire the services. The product or service reviews have an overall impact on the business performance because they can affect search rankings as Google rates your company based on customer feedback. Google attaches so much importance to online reviews that the search results now display reviews across the web. 

According to Eric Dalius, online reviews are critical in building business reputation, and since it influences buying decisions, no business should take it lightly. Instead, they must develop strategies to encourage customers to share their experiences. In addition, there must be some system to display the comments prominently, whether it is for or against the company. Taking an unbiased approach in displaying comments and reviews is now part of any company culture that respects customers’ views and uses them constructively for business betterment.

To create a good reputation for your business, follow the advice given below.

Solidly back your product or service, advises Eric Dalius

Taking negative reviews in the stride and appropriately addressing them should be a part of any good review strategy. It shows your willingness to accept criticism with an open mind and use the feedback to make the necessary improvement. When customers say something negative about your product or service, take it seriously by considering the merit of the review and demonstrate your willingness to correct the things by pursuing the cause and driving it towards a meaningful conclusion.

Create a strategy

When developing a review strategy, you must first consider the customers to share their experience after using the product or service. Have a system in place to request customers to provide their views. For example, you can send them an email requesting for review or call them up or ask them for feedback during physical interaction. You must also decide how and where to display the reviews.  Choose customers carefully to ensure that they provide honest feedback.

Act on the reviews

Since reviews point to the reputation of your business, you must constantly monitor reviews and keep responding to the ones that are important or have some substance and follow up your commitment to close the issue to the satisfaction of the customer. While you must acknowledge good comments by thanking customers, you can group similar negative comments and create an action plan for responding to them on time, advises Eric Dalius.  You must show your good intention of learning from the mistakes and take your customers along with you while resolving the issues, thereby earning more trust that can turn them loyal.

Paying more attention to bad reviews by considering their worth goes a long way in establishing your business on a solid foundation as customers trust it more.

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