Entrepreneur Burnout – Tips by Eric Dalius to solve this

Most entrepreneurs have got it all wrong about burnout. They think that it’s because of working hard excessively. However, most founders need to work hard to establish their business in the beginning years. These entrepreneurs are their boss and also know that success in business will not come easy. So, what’s the real reason for entrepreneur burnouts?

Eric Dalius on employee burnouts

Eric Dalius, an entrepreneur, has useful guidelines on this topic. According to him, the cause of burnout is the inability to manage one’s emotions and tasks. Life as an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride. And also it can create emotional instabilities in entrepreneurs. Hence, it is essential to navigate one’s emotions and also arrive at a solution.

  • Be smart everyday

Entrepreneurs should not give their plan to others until they have set an intention for the day! It is the smartest way to start the day. When you look at texts, social media posts, and also open emails first thing in the morning, you have exposed yourself to external energy. You start to witness other’s opinions. The moment this happens, your mission and also concentration lapses.

Create a morning ritual that works only for you. For instance, start the day by reading a book or meditating or any activity that centers your energy and also helps you create an intention. Entrepreneurs should prioritize their purpose and also do what’s correct for them.

  • Energy follows thoughts

Anything that you will focus on will expand. Hence, if you concentrate on business tension or anxiety, you will find that magnifying than any other aspect of your business. Take time to fine-tune your focus and also deliberately concentrate on correct and also fruitful ideas for you.

One of the best tactics is to write what you want to accomplish for the day. It provides you with clarity. Also, writing your goals helps you focus your energies on attaining the purpose and also work with a sense of commitment. It prevents you from getting distracted and also urges you to complete your tasks on time. When that happens, you are no longer overwhelmed with things yet to achieve, saving you from burnout.  

  • No complaints or judgment

Comparing yourself with other business owners will not lessen the burnout. Instead, it will add to your anxiety and also increase the level of negative thoughts. And also that doesn’t help to focus on the bright and also enterprising aspects of your business. When your emotions move to a downward spiral, your mental fatigue, and also burnout increases.

  • You don’t need to analyze how

Most entrepreneurs are obsessed with the “how”! They want to know exactly how things will work out to be in peace. But that is something which will ruin all their peace and also calm and also raise the anxiety bar. What is the solution? The best way to stop worrying about “how” things will be done is to focus on the next best thing you can do for your business. It helps you think about the initiatives and also the actions you need to prioritize on. It helps you to ask the right questions and also arrive at better decisions.

These are a few tried and also tested tactics that can help entrepreneurs focus on the present moment and also avoid burnout.

Eric Dalius guides on how to become a successful woman entrepreneur

Do you dream of being a successful woman entrepreneur? If yes, you will require something more than your leadership skills. It’s essential to have a sharp business sense and also the capacity to build a competent business team. The list of qualities is endless and also keeps changing, depending on what the world expects from a woman entrepreneur.

Eric Dalius’s guidelines on successful women entrepreneurship

Successful entrepreneurship is all about cultivating essential habits—Eric Dalius, an entrepreneur shares some core habits that women entrepreneurs should practice.

  1. Let go of control

It’s essential to realize that no one can do everything. The day has 24 hours, and also no one can work for that long. Hence, women entrepreneurs must delegate tasks based on employee skill levels correctly. Also, take time to assess whether you need more people to assist you. If yes, go ahead and also hire the right talents. Take time to train them so that they can take accountability for crucial business tasks.

2. Take risks

No entrepreneur is fearless. Fear servers a purpose and helps women entrepreneurs to stay alert. However, it would be best if you welcomed strategic risks. The secret here is to arrive at fact-based decisions. For this, you might need to delve into more data as much as possible.

Risks are a part of every business. But that does not mean you will arrive at impulsive decisions to take risks that will cause a loss. Women entrepreneurs take risks that will help them to grab a business opportunity.

3. Know and accept your limitations

Every woman entrepreneur has limitations, and also it’s human to possess strengths and also weaknesses. A successful woman entrepreneur accepts and also admits her shortcomings. It helps to know what she can and also cannot do. It also helps her recognize the business gaps and also the talent she needs to accomplish her business goals. Surrounding yourself with “Yes Women or Men” is not the right decision. Instead, you need to hire people who can complement both your strengths and also weaknesses.

4. Stay focused

There will be distractions along the way! It’s essential that you grab business opportunities as and also when it arrives. Don’t get distracted, concentrating on activities that you can delegate to others. Also, develop the ability to identify potential business opportunities, even if it doesn’t look attractive on the face. Also, make strategic investments and also stay focused. Don’t think about investing in too many channels at once. Having a plan and also following it with a steady pace helps to make progress.

5. Upgrade your knowledge

No woman entrepreneur can know everything the moment her business gets success. The road to successful entrepreneurship is about studying, researching, applying the knowledge, making mistakes, and also learning from it. Take time to explore the business trends and enroll in online entrepreneurship courses and also seminars online. You can connect with leading entrepreneurs in social media and also learn from their tactics. Challenge yourself from time to time to excel in your know-how and also expertise.

Women entrepreneurs don’t have a success code or manual. Every entrepreneur has a different mindset and also views success differently. However, if you want to lead your business, the guidelines mentioned above will prove beneficial.

Eric Dalius: Types of crowdfunding available for small businesses

Financial strength can play an integral role in the success of any business. But small business owners rarely have enough and also cash in their reserves. They have to depend on either a small business loan or personal savings. Imagine both of these options are not available. In that case, what will you do? You can seek crowdfunding. This market can potentially reach $300 billion worth by 2025. In 2017, businesses raised $17.2 billion worth of crowdfunding in the US, which was almost more than anywhere else.

Crowdfunding refers to raising funds from different people interested in doing business with you. However, there are options in this. You will have to repay or incentivize people who invest in your and also venture based on what you choose. So, let’s explore the possibilities quickly.

Types of crowdfunding choices by Eric J Dalius

Debt crowdfunding

It is not very different from a traditional business loan. You have to repay the amount you raise. These lenders don’t follow the same qualifying factors as conventional financial institutions; they have more interest in your industry than your credit ratings. They would study the risk factors and also the age of your business. If your loan demand is significant, they may have more criteria for you to meet.

Reward-based crowdfunding

In this type of option, you pay rewards to your backers for the amount they gave. It could be a simple thank-you card or and also priority access to your service or product. It can be anything that expresses your gratitude. You can raise funds through this option for any endeavor that resonates with the people. From video games to book publishing to green shoes to something else, people who can relate to it would put their money.

The successful entrepreneurs like Eric Dalius say that the main advantage of this type of crowdfunding is you don’t have to repay a loan. And also those who get access to your product will help promote your business through word of mouth. However, the main challenge here and also is you have to exert to collect funds quickly. The flow of $5 or $10 contributions may not help when you require a massive sum.

Equity crowdfunding

You give a stake for the amount you raise from your investors. It works like venture capital or angel investment. The good thing is you can get it quickly through your marketing efforts. Whether you have a cafeteria or a biotech firm, you can trust this process. Besides, you can also decide the terms for equity disbursal. There is no repayment. Since it is still a new concept, very few people are aware of this option. Due to this, you may want to browse through other choices.

Donor crowdfunding

You don’t have to repay or reward your donors. Hence, whatever money you collect, you can inject into your business. However, the problem is most of these platforms raise funds for their personal use. And also because of this, only a handful of contributors can show interest in supporting you.

It is your call to choose a suitable crowdfunding option for your business. No matter what you select, you have to be excellent with your marketing skills to attract investors and also donors’ attention. Your narrative has to reach them through all the possible avenues, such as content, video, email, blog, social media, and also so on.

Eric J Dalius explains the principal exponents to market your financial products

There are specific strategies that you can use to stay ahead from competitors to help your business grow. Few tactics can be employed to protect your ideas from getting copied by other players in the market. It is true that whenever you come up with a good idea copycats try to snatch it. 

You need to use new financial products to meet the demands of digital channels that increase brand awareness. Gradually and also financial companies are becoming aware of the limitless potential of all digital platforms in the financial market.

Listed below are some studies that can transform your ineffective standard marketing to productive financial marketing through digital platforms. Get hold of these three robust strategies to help you get going in the world of the financial market.

  1. EJ Dalius emphasizes on mobile marketing initiatives

Without making proper use of mobile marketing, it is nearly impossible for financial service companies to attract the target audience. For every commercial company, they need to optimize their website to be mobile-friendly. Many customers do business with the help of mobile phones. Most of the people today are spending their time on mobile instead of any other recreational activity. So if your website is not mobile-friendly, it will lose a lot of consumers.

Try to go for short signup forms, which will be easy for users to complete. The shorter signup form attracts more number of prospects to engage in your financial products. Make sure mobile content is responsible to customers. It should provide all the features necessary for the client who is home browsing it on mobile phones.

Use precise text content; even the fonts should be easily legible. Please do not go for too complicated designs; instead, keep it more informative. Try to keep your financial marketing very engaging so that the client becomes comfortable with your brand.

2. Optimum use of social media

Look at all demographics. You have to use social media as a perfect platform for marketing your financial products. First, identify your target audience then post appropriate content on the right channels of marketing, thereby keeping the audience engaged. As an excellent financial entrepreneur, you have to understand where your customers are mostly hanging out on social media. If you are selling long-term care insurance that targets older customers, you have to choose the social media platform accordingly. You first need to understand which content will be appropriate for which platform before planning your content for the financial market.

3. Invest in the latest technology

It is a daunting procedure to conclude which latest technology you should invest in. The world’s renowned entrepreneurs like Eric Dalius employ highly innovative technologies in financial marketing strategy. Keep fast communication online channels to give solutions to financial queries. Make a chat box available 24/7.

In the end, you have to load your website with creative and also valuable content that will not only appeal to millennials but also a wide range of customers. In today’s world, clients want such products and also services that can help them in the financial situation instantly.

Eric Dalius throws light on core business challenges in 2020

The global pandemic has introduced extra challenges to business firms in 2020. Many businesses and also start-up owners didn’t expect that their goals for this year would receive a severe hit because of COVID-19 contaminations worldwide. However, even if the pandemic would not have occurred, akin to every year, companies would have witnessed many other challenges.

The business challenges for 2020 by Eric Dalius

As a leading entrepreneur, Eric Dalius highlights the following business challenges for 2020. If yours is a start-up or an established business, you can address and also resolve these challenges to perform your best.

  1. Data security

There have been changes in data security in the past few years. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has altered how business houses manage data, which poses a considerable challenge for global firms. Hence, for 2020, cybersecurity and data protection needs will gain prominence, and also organizations should use a safe hosting platform.

2. Innovation

Many businesses are slightly unsure about the current economic landscape. Despite that, it’s essential to give importance to innovation to stay relevant in your industry. Currently accepting crucial changes like using big data, urging better idea management, and also developing flexible work environments are essential for business and also organizational progress.

It’s going to be a massive challenge for 2020. Several companies have found the desired innovation that helps them stay ahead of other market players and also gives them a competitive edge.

3. Job automation

Automation will impact a fraction of jobs, which sums up to 3% worldwide. And also in the coming 10 to 15 years, this percentage can increase with machine automation. By the middle of the 2030’s the majority of workforce jobs are likely to become automated. Do you want to welcome this change? Or you wish to retain the human touch? Companies and also organizations need to make this decision in 2020 and also ensure that they don’t fall behind their competitors.

4. Global workforce

Most business houses and also firms have employees from multiple locations and also time zones. According to an Upwork study, 75% of the teams worldwide will possess remote workers in the next decade. It indicates crucial cultural shifts. Also, as and also when remote work becomes the order of the day, businesses will have several advantages:

  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Have an extensive candidate pool to cater to roles
  • Maximize employee productivity
  • Salary savings since worker’s don’t have to pay for their commute

Similarly, with a remote workforce, there are several challenges as well. For instance, an organization will have to work extra hard to ensure proper teamwork. It’s also essential to make sure that every employee is working at their best. Technological tools are making it easier and also simpler to overcome most of these challenges. And also there will be situations where face-to-face contact and also work will be essential.

Every decade and also year brings specific business challenges. Organizations and also corporate houses need to align their objectives in a way that addresses the challenges and also syncs in with the business trends. Companies must stay aware of the problems of the current year to overcome them.

Eric J Dalius explains the critical components of the financial market

Try to develop a new business strategy to create a culture that will keep you ahead of your competition in the market. Thus the innovative financial approach is the only way to capture the realm of the business market. Financial Marketing, in a real sense, refers to marketing solutions for the problems of companies. A good financial market is capable of meeting the financial obligations of the companies associated with it.

It is a podium for buyers and sellers to enter into an engaging relationship. They meet for selling and purchase of financial products like currencies, securities, and commodities. People involved in the financial market sell commodities for financial securities like stocks and bonds at a low transaction cost, depending on the entrepreneur’s intellect in the financial market. Trade of precious metals and agriculture products in financial markets is also quite popular.

Eric Dalius explains the various activities of the financial market

The proceedings of the financial market are responsible for the smooth functioning of the business. Some of the activities associated with it are -Offer freshly traded public securities in the market

Buyers and sellers meet in the broker’s office for selling securities. The economic and political situations of any country play an essential role in determining the securities’ price.

Regulatory bodies have the responsibility of ensuring that the payment commitments are adequate.

A contractual obligation forms when the buyer and seller agree on a particular price of a commodity. In today’s world, financial transactions are becoming majorly digitalized as such transactions occur at lightning speed in the financial market.

EJ Dalius suggests that before making investments in the financial market, investors must have the proper knowledge to make profitable gains. Many investors these days lack adequate knowledge to manage their interest.A security ownership certificate is issued when you want to keep your stock or bond as securities. With the advent of digitalization of the financial market, security certificates are also becoming digital.

The vital role of financial market

Any utility industry depends on the successful functioning of the financial market. The most significant functions of financial markets are listed below –

Customer service is an essential front office function in the financial market. It involves helping the customers carry out trade, researching investments, and playing an advisory role. They perform a better role in market and business development.

In every financial market, the back office undertakes core functions like settlement, clearing, trade processing, and accounting. They are also responsible for submitting reports on their market findings after receiving payment.

The team of risk management helps to control finances and manage the market and also evaluate operational risk. They also provide information on security and privacy.

These are the critical components of financial market functioning, thereby helping entrepreneurs to take their business to the next level. First, learn to think that success in the financial market comes only when you will be able to out-compete others as financial markets create open avenues for all companies to increase their capital. You have to deal with financial markets professionally and vigilantly to create a niche in the realm of business finance.

Eric J Dalius: Make the leap from a freelancer to an entrepreneur

It is not a secret that a large number of freelancers abound in the USA. Studies also indicate the rise in this trend. But everything has a saturation point. A freelancer is like a nomad as they have to be ready for unpredictable situations. Sometimes, there can be more work than they can handle, and also sometimes, it can be nothing at all. If these things start to weigh on your mind, you can set yourself up for ambitious and also adventurous undertakings. To be precise, you can figure out ways to turn into a small business entrepreneur. It can sound intimidating. But it makes sense to give yourself a chance.

Here are a few suggestions to help you start this journey if you no longer enjoy your freelancing stint.

How to embark on an entrepreneurial expedition? By EJ Dalius

Business plan

Whether you freelance or launch your business, you need to identify goals and alsotargets. But it is going to be different for each other. While you can have a job-like approach for your freelancing ambition, you would have to draw long-term plans for your business. It would help if you decided what you want to do through your company, where you wish to see it, and how you can reach there. In essence, you have to have a vision about it so that you can pitch your ideas to others, such as customers, suppliers, investors, and lenders, etc.


The seasoned entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius also recommend that you have to choose a cost-effective workplace for your venture. It can be a co-working or an office space in a specific pin code. The decision will depend on the size, nature, and also structure of your company. When choosing an area, keep in mind that it will serve as a base and also a site from where you will operate.

Network/ userbase

Earning customers from the initial phase of the business can be a remarkable thing. Since you work as a freelancer, you will know different companies, entrepreneurs, and also businesses you served. Maintain your relationship with them as this network can come in handy when you launch your small business. Because they recognize you already, they can be willing to hire your services. Besides, you can expect to expand your user base through their referrals and also recommendations.

These are some of the common grounds that can help you catapult yourself into entrepreneurial life. However, don’t jump-start anything just because it looks exciting or convincing. You have to spot gaps and also openings through which you can make an entry for yourself. Also, you may not have adequate funds to open your company. For this, you will have to seek financing. Overall, you need to be thorough in your approach to avoid leaving any scope for mistakes. For guidance, you can talk to mentors or experienced business owners. They can share a tip or two that can prove hugely advantageous in your journey.

Eric J Dalius talks about some common mistakes that entrepreneurs must avoid during business startup

The biggest hindrance faced by new entrepreneurs is the lack of direction when trying to give shape to their dreams of starting a business. Although entrepreneurs learn from their mistakes to discover their hidden potential, one must be careful about the implications because sometimes, for a startup, even small errors can turn costly down the line resulting in failures that are difficult to recover from, observes Eric Dalius. Mistakes can happen due to inexperience, lack of proper knowledge, an exhausting idea, or not having the required funds. However, in most cases, the reasons for the failure of startups remain unknown to all.

A better approach is to start the business on the right note by knowing some common mistakes that derail the dreams of entrepreneurs so that you can be careful.

Avoid fear of failure, says Eric Dalius

Despite believing in learning from mistakes. Many entrepreneurs are unable to keep away the fear of failure that often paralyzes their decision-making capabilities. They become apprehensive about how good the idea of business is and also whether it could provide. The desired returns besides doubting consumer acceptance.  Such questions might seem logical, especially. When you are putting in your everything into the startup, but let not such thoughts get the better of you. Step out of your comfort zone to experiment. With something new and also not regrets if things do not work as envisaged. Learning from your mistakes will only encourage you to do it better the next time.

Going it alone

Since risks are inherent in every business, and also there are uncertainties in starting up, it is impossible to manage. Everything on your own and also shoulder all the risks. Starting a new business all by yourself is the greatest risk. Instead, having more people forma team will mitigate your risks and also enable better management of the work. By allowing different people to take control of various tasks. Most startups that fail are one-person shows.

Choosing the wrong idea

While you might think your idea is the best as most entrepreneurs believe. Be careful not to back the wrong horse. One of the mistakes that most entrepreneurs make is they are in awe of their ideas. And also unable to see flaws. Inability to assess the demand for the product in the market correctly. Lack of understanding of the audience or lack of innovation is some common flaws that seem to be overlooked. Due to overconfidence in the perceived idea that can ruin the business prospects.

Absence of a business plan

Even the best business idea might fail in the absence of a business plan. Having a solid business plan is vital to start a new business.  Be clear about starting a business, having a good understanding of the target. Customers and also competitors, what the competitors are doing, how to measure. Business performance, etc. so that you can create a solid business plan that can drive the business in the right direction.

While you must stick to your original idea of business, review the progress. And also make ongoing changes to maintain momentum and also move in the right direction.

How Important is Financial Health Checkups for a Business? Eric J Dalius sheds some light

Financial analysis of a business is crucial as it elucidates the impression of the profits of your business. As an entrepreneur, you must empower yourself to invest in the correct decision-making mindset to save your company from getting doomed. Safeguarding against the fluctuations in the industry is crucial when it comes to running a business smoothly.

Successful Entrepreneurs, such as Eric Dalius, Seek Long-Term Viability

An accurate budget can ensure a successful business. Planning is a critical stage that involves the distribution of capital to different parts of a business. As the owner of a small business, you have to face many difficulties with time. Operational hurdles are a part of the journey, and also limited time to strategize the finances can be confusing. 

Why Regular Financial Health Checkups?

The positive financial health of a company portrays the future of the business over the next ten years. Turning a critical eye towards the finances can not only reflect on the profit or loss margin but also help you forecast future sales estimates.

Positive and Negative Cash Flow

Cash flow determines the cash or cash equivalent, moving in a business. Most of the budding entrepreneurs ignore this checkpoint. However, EJ Dalius suggests that this overlooked analysis can fetch you data about the paid out and also entry cash of your business, thus giving you an idea regarding where to balance the business. A positive cash flow suggests increased liquidity, which can render you pay debts or invest in scaling up your businesses. On the other hand, a negative cash flow demonstrates the risk of losses for the company. One easy method is to check the cash flow monthly. A monthly check on the finances will question your decisions on whether to shorten the billing cycles or overhead costs.

Profit, Loss & Operating Margins

Profit is a factor that you make after deducting all the mortgages, overheads, maintenance charges, salaries and also wages, rent, written-off debts, and also other chores. These factors determine the change in revenue development strategies and also revolve around leadership decisions. For mid-sized enterprises, profit and also loss statement is highly significant as it contributes to the element of raising capital. If your business is doing well, you are at a higher probability of attracting angel investors, grants, crowd funders, and also other lenders. As a result, such a strategy aims to build a positive credit so that the company does not fall in debt in case of any discrepancies. 

Forecasting predicts the profitability rate of the business in the near future. Complex analysis regarding profits and also losses can help you develop strategies that you will use ten years down the lane. Depending on the industry trends and also market data, you can contemplate the decision-making process to leverage the resources you have and also increase your company’s market share in your particular niche.

Get better at business with tips from Eric J Dalius

A fruitful business venture is a culmination of all the decisions taken. The better you are at making the vital decisions, the higher is your success at the end of the day. However, being able to do just that means you need to stay keyed into the market alerts, trends, and also relevant business dealings worldwide.

So, when things start to get overwhelming, it is quite natural to feel lost. It can feel like you are taking on too many things at a time. However, according to entrepreneur and also marketing professional, Eric Dalius, there are five simple ways to learn to make better business decisions.

So, without further ado, let us have a look.

Updates regarding the company

According to EJ Dalius, it is vital to understand that it is after all your business, and also therefore you must have all the crucial information at your fingertips. You need to be aware of the performance and also the business processes. It will ensure that better handling of the business without the opinion biases from onlookers, customers, and observers.

Have a clear outcome in mind

Here is another industry trade secret for you; most successful brands and also ventures are aware of their potential outcome, and also they concentrate all their efforts on achieving the desired results. Keep in mind you will have both short-term and long-term goals, and it is vital to strike a balance while trying to accomplish both. When you are sure of the outcome, you can modify and change operational protocols accordingly.

A second opinion matters

Another vital point to keep in mind is that you need to consider the perspective of your employees, business partners, and also customers. It is essential to understand the value of differing viewpoints and also how it can change for the better for a business venture. Any smart entrepreneur will make sure to indulge in brainstorming sessions alongside managers, business partners, and employees to make sure that everyone is on board. Business advisors and litigation managers are vital as well and complete the core brain of any organization.

Keeping true to the course

Managing a business is all about all the business decisions taken in the right sequence and also on-time. Therefore, it is vital to avoid delays and also focus on crucial decisions, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic. Organize costs and finances to make sure that you are on target for the financial year. Make sure that your customers and financial backers are happy. If not, then you might need to rethink your strategy.

Mistakes are great educators

Every entrepreneur makes that occasional wrong decision. However, failed experiences are still valuable experiences, and that builds up the expertise. Make sure that you learn from your mistakes, be it a promotion, marketing, or designing, and correct the errors for the subsequent runs.

As you can understand, building a successful business is to keep going despite odds being stacked against you. You need knowledge, and also you need experience. So, keep in mind our expert tips and also make it big.