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Eric Dalius explains why small businesses need a robust social media marketing strategy

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Today, social media platforms are an integral part of our lives. We cannot imagine a day without it. Business ventures of all scales use social media platforms for marketing their products. Small business ventures need to create a robust social media marketing campaign in order to grow and popularise their brand, and make more revenues. In this small article, you will learn more about this important marketing medium.

Why is social media important for small business firms?

There are plenty of small business firms that rely solely on social media for promoting their products and services. Social media helps expose a brand to a large global audience in a very short period of time. Additionally, it is free, and so a business owner can get free marketing of his products. However, business owners must make the optimum use of social media for boosting their business. Eric J Dalius notes that only a small percentage of business owners create a strong content managing system. This hampers their overall business marketing. 

To get more business revenues, business owners have to ensure that they can efficiently engage users in their social media posts. This single factor could generate over 50 % more revenues. 

How can social media help small business houses?

Small business firms should use social media to generate more leads and grow their reputation as brands. When a small business firm regularly updates its content on social media, it can get more effective results than traditional marketing methods. Social media actually offers brands a lot of control over the type of content that they post. Additionally, social media helps brands to communicate with customers and reach out to them. It also helps to generate more word-of-mouth marketing. These factors can greatly boost your brand’s image.

Know your target audience

Eric Dalius notes that social media helps small business firms to learn about their target audience. This allows firms to design effective social media marketing strategies. Brands can segregate their target audience based on their age, sex, online behavior, interests, preferences, and so on. 

Business owners can also market their products based on user’s birthdays and anniversaries. Targeting the right kind of audience is important for boosting sales. It helps brands become more focused and address customer’s concerns. This is why social media is so crucial. 

Gradual business growth

Small businesses will grow gradually. Social media can boost the process by helping these establishments get more sales than expected. It is important to constantly post original content on their social media pages, creating a sustained interest in the target audience. The posts should focus on the core expertise of the business firm. This will help generate more awareness about the products.


Small business ventures need to rely heavily on marketing for generating revenues. Social media platforms are excellent in this regard as they provide free marketing to small business establishments. Hence, small business ventures need to have a robust social media marketing strategy. 

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