Eric Dalius highlights the readily available free resources in Miami that can help entrepreneurs

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit are flocking to Miami to set their business amid the US’s World Wide Business Center. Thousands of global corporate offices have their headquarters in Miami that bears testimony to how attractive the place is for businesses. Since Miami is a gateway for import and export trade in America and has a diverse economy buoyant with the surge in the real estate and construction sector, it is a natural choice for setting up any business. Small businesses find ample opportunities for growth in Miami by taking advantage of the business climate that gives complete peace of mind to entrepreneurs, explains Eric Dalius, a veteran and successful marketer with a proven entrepreneurial track record.

Whether you are starting or transferring a business to Miami for expansion, you would benefit in many ways, mainly for its tax structure. According to EricJDalius,the absence of personal income tax at the state and federal levels and the low corporate tax of 5.5% in Florida, which is the lowest in the country, make Miami so much attractive for businesses. Moreover, easy access to some low-cost resources for training, counseling, and information on doing business makes Miami the most preferred destination for businesses.

 Here are the resources that entrepreneurs and business owners can make the best use of while setting up or running a business in Miami.

 Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Small Business Administration, better known as SBA, plays a pivotal role in promoting and assisting small businesses, critical for the country’s economy. SBA provides low-cost counseling to help entrepreneurs in their efforts to start and grow businesses. The counseling covers all aspects of business management, including obtaining loans for your business and even helping create a business plan and qualify for government contracts. They also organize training programs.


SCORE is a non-profit organization in Miami that plays almost a similar role as SBA by partnering with them to educate and guide entrepreneurs to help them take the business off the ground and drive it towards growth. From marketing to sales, they provide free of cost counseling in business planning and management. They organize workshops on various topics to educate business owners. SCORE maintains a highly resourceful website replete with how-to guides, and free advice is even available on email.

The Beacon Council

The Beacon Council partners with Miami Dade County’s official economic development to provide tailor-mad assistance to companies keen to relocate or expand their business in the County. Companies can use the resource for making well-informed decisions based on massive data collected across the business landscape.


The Small Business Development Center provides one-on-one counseling as part of management assistance to small business owners. It organizes training programs and technical assistance in obtaining SBA loans. The organization is committed to promoting entrepreneurial success among the local communities.

Miami DDA

Miami Downtown Development Authority executes business development plans after facilitating the development of business plans. It also provides market research studies free of cost.

That so many resources are available close at hand shows how much business-friendly Miami is.

Eric J Dalius points out top mistakes to avoid while writing a scholarship essay

Education plays an essential role in today’s world, but the mode has become very expensive. But thanks to some good souls and the government, they have taken the initiative to provide scholarships to students so that they can further continue with their studies.

The students tend to make the same mistakes while writing a scholarship essay. Initially, they fail to deal with the questions that get addressed. It will ruin the stand of a chance against those who answer correctly. To make a clear and correct submission to the question asked, the scholarship committee needs to stay involved. To weed out many applications on their desk, they use this criterion. So you are advised to answer the questions correctly. Your scholarship essay will stand a better chance of being selected if you do so, says Eric Dalius.

Some of the top mistakes ruin the essays of scholarship applicants

It can ravage your likelihood to achieve the scholarship

Missing deadline

Due to missing deadlines, many scholarship applicants get locked out nearly. Time proves their efforts futile as they may craft the best scholarship essay. There may be difficulties, but it is just a case of delay and doing things at the last moment for most scholarship people. Research work should be done before time so that people can have the suitability of writing and submitting in a given time.

Using online templates

You may view the examples to understand how to fill the form and its structure, but you should not copy it by changing some facts and names as it will be a case of plagiarism. Secondly, it will help you to win because they will be relatively shallow.

Writing in the last moment

Writing your essay overnight will not do any good. Devote some time for proofreading. Everything like facts and links needs to get checked. Try to follow the exact schedule of submission.

Writing a dull essay

People should be inspired and must have the will to do anything to perceive something good in life.

Do not over-express yourself

Try to write the essay so that it does not look like you are pushing it too hard. Write according to the theme of the scholarship application and elaborate on the concerning point. Do not try to look more professional than you are.

Writing too vague

A scholarship essay must have a clear goal that should disseminate clearly to the readers. Make your friends read your article and ask them about the central idea they find in the essay, says Eric J Dalius.

Being too humble

People should not be too humble when discussing their achievements. A perfect essay must be logical and reasonable and based on real events and goals.

Using too many quotes and references

It is unnecessary to use too many references to prove the point because it is not a research paper. There should be a balance between personal and academic. There should be curiosity in your writing, but do not use too many quotes.

These are some of the essential points that you should keep in mind while writing the scholarship essay. Avoiding these mistakes in your scholarship essay will make you stand out among others. It will help you to become a better candidate for obtaining a scholarship.

Eric J Dalius points out a few essential points to win your dream scholarship

Applying for most scholarship programs is almost similar to a full-time job. However, if you fail to submit essential documents, you might miss a golden opportunity. Specific tips to increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Do not have high expectations with results

If you think that you apply to one scholarship program, get the results in a month. You are in for a shock. In reality, this rarely happens, and when it does, it is merely beginner’s luck. You must apply to at least 5 to 6 scholarship programs. It can also be helpful if you add more patience and apply to as many as you can, you will get into at least one if not two.

Trust yourself, do not lose faith

The key is not to get discouraged if there are not many scholarship programs with your preferred educational, professional, or future requirements. Some scholarship programs may even ask for professional essays; you must stay prepared, says Eric J Dalius. You can take your time, organize and gain knowledge, along with using resources from the internet.

Do not get trapped in the past

Do not get stuck in a loop of failures from earlier days. You should stop thinking that you cannot succeed if you failed a lot in the past. The future is not reliant on your past failures. You must believe that the past is the past, and it is gone. Work hard, put in more effort instead of dwelling on previous failures.

Do not dwell on failures

When you apply for a scholarship and do not get the desired result, please do not dwell on it. It is not the end. Work on your failure, learn your lesson, and move on. Do not give up quickly after a loss.

Do not follow like a sheep in a herd trend

Please do not apply for a scholarship because everyone else is doing it. Apply for a scholarship, decide on your career and education goals after weighing out the benefits it will reap. It will help in motivating you not to give up easily. Eric Dalius says it is essential to have your unique vision for the future.

Avoid thinking that you are weak

Just because you received low grades in high-school or college does not mean that you are weak. Rates do not define a person. However, effort and hard work may take you places while applying for scholarships, as some are merit-based. The other thing that you must always focus on is gaining the right kind of knowledge and learning invaluable skills.

Do not overwork yourself

It must be hard to manage to apply for scholarships along with a 9 to 5 job. But if you are willing to work hard, you must manage to find the time. However, the key is not to overwork yourself. Juggling two things at once may result in less focus on both. The best you can do is work part-time, along with your scholarship search.

The tips mentioned above to avoid certain areas will help you achieve your scholarship goals with ease. However, it does not guarantee your success. Your success story is entirely dependent on your desire to achieve and succeed.

Eric Dalius outlines the steps to follow for starting a business in Miami

If you have some business idea and are convinced about its potential to become big, Miami is the place to start your business. The immense advantage of connecting globally allows entrepreneurs to think about the unthinkable as numerous organizations are ready to back your idea and provide valuable support, feels Eric Dalius. You have ready access to plenty of resources without spending a dime that dares you to become innovative and experiment with ideas that can someday become game-changers.

Miami ranks third among 100 cities based on factors like business environment, access to resources, and business costs, as revealed in a survey done by WalletHub. Digging deeper into the data gathered from the survey, there are some more startling revelations like it is the number one city for startups and boasts of a startup for every 100,000 people. Labor costs are the lowest, and the business environment is just too business-friendly. 

Go virtual but be at Miami

Despite the Covid19 pandemic, Miami maintains its high business-friendliness. If you are not comfortable about setting up a physical space for business, Miami still welcomes you to start your business from anywhere, explains Eric J Dalius. Yes, plan for a virtual business set up and get going to fulfill your dreams of being in the league of successful entrepreneurs who have all began their journey from Miami.

Here are the steps to take to go ahead in starting your business in Miami.

Choose your business structure

You can choose between an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) and a C-corporation as your business s structure, whether it is a partnership, sole proprietorship, or a Corporation. Corporations may be either LLC or C- Structure. LLC has several members who own the company but enjoy protecting their assets, and state regulations govern the organization. Corporate companies follow the C- structure that legally demarcates the assets of the company from the owners.

Choose a business name

Choose a name for your business that becomes its legal entity. Remember that the name relates to your company’s characteristics and select it with some thought so that it is unique. Abide by the naming regulations of the state.

Select a registered agent

To file your company with the Department of State, you must appoint a registered agent who can file the Articles of Organization.

File your articles of organization

Filing the Articles of Organization is a step to register your business legally with the Department of State, Florida. The =document contains the basic facts of your company, the organization, and management.

Apply for EIN/ITIN

 Obtain your Employer Identification Number (EIN) and Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) by applying to the IRS.

Obtain licenses and permits

Obtaining licenses/permits are mandatory for every business. Licensing may be required at various levels from the municipal to county to state and even at the federal level, depending on business nature.

 Open a bank account

Opening a bank account is the last step that signals that you are now ready to state business operations.

Keep checking ongoing legal requirements that keep changing with time but which you must comply with.

Eric Dalius highlights the mistakes that you must avoid while purchasing a business

If you plan to acquire a Miami corporation, there are vital areas to deliberate before starting your venture. Buying a business is a tedious task as multiple aspects need careful attention. There are a considerable number of sites you have to look into to go about the process effortlessly. Significantly, you make an effort to ensure that you are making the best investment. Eric J Dalius stresses the standard mistake entrepreneurs must avoid while purchasing businesses in Miami.

Areas to bring into consideration while developing your business in Miami

As stated earlier, business processes are complex and require considerable attention. Entrepreneurs have to look into every department of the firm and give their attention to their customers, employees, and other associates. Apart from this, you have to consider the following points in reasonable details

What happens when you fail to perform your duties: first and foremost, entrepreneurs who declined to perform their due diligence effectively stand the risk of failure. You have to conduct extensive and detailed diligence before taking any decision. When it comes to purchasing properties, you have to research to look into various aspects of the arena. Irrespective of the tediousness of the process, you have to devote yourself to the firm’s development – from the financial statement to the cost of running the venture to the sellers and other aspects. You have to convince your employees to devote themselves to the smooth operation of the business.

Never purchase a business in your name: Those entrepreneurs, who make the business agreement on their name, stand the risk of failure. Keep in mind that when you sign a contract in your name, you are putting your asset at threat. You can avoid this by setting up a limited liability company or other kinds of business entities. Moreover, do not provide your personal information there.

Do not go over budget: another mistake that Eric Dalius stresses is related to appropriation. The financial statement of the firm has a lot to do with the progress of the venture. When you buy a property, you have to examine your available financial resources before investing. You can avoid the mistake of going over budget by sticking to the financial statement and ensuring that you make a note of the actual profit.

• Do not change the business drastically – novice entrepreneurs often make another mistake of changing the company’s internal processes radically. By creating new departments and firing support staff, they only increase the complexities. Although some changes are necessary, inevitable, and recommended, a massive change is not desirable when buying a business project in Miami.

Experts suggest that entrepreneurs must not promote their businesses and hire experienced individuals for a particular post. In addition to this, when you hire business lawyers in Miami, they can help you deal with legal matters. They have the expertise to negotiate on your behalf and help you to purchase a satisfying project in Miami.

Eric Dalius says business leaders Who Embrace These Practices Enjoy Success

Why are some business leaders more successful than others? This is a question that most entrepreneurs ask themselves. The answer lies in the fact that successful business leaders tend to do things differently. They are traits that make them successful to stand out in the crowd.

Eric Dalius talks about secrets to becoming successful entrepreneurs

Eric Dalius says that if you wish to become a successful business leader, ensure you embrace the following 9 practices in your daily life-

  1. Think ahead – Have foresight and make others know what you anticipate from them. In this way, you can devise the next steps and set deadlines. In case you have doubts, pick up the phone and talk.
  2. Arrive five minutes early – Respecting the time of others will earn you respect. So, make a habit of reaching a venue or a meeting a few minutes before the allotted time. If you are punctual, this extends to people most of the time.
  3. Be Available – Make sure people can reach and connect with you easily. An effective way of doing this is by putting your phone number underneath your email address. It can be frustrating if others need to look for you before any communication. Making your contact details visible will only give others a chance to connect with you.
  4. Stay informed – You should be aware of what is taking place in your industry. It is prudent to be informed about its past, present, and future. In this way, you will become an expert in no time and have a clear picture of where your business is heading.
  5. Be proactive – To stay ahead of the competition, you need to anticipate future problems and be ready to resolve them. Never back out of any kind of challenge, or others will not follow you or believe in your vision.
  6. Stay unstoppable – Leaders are never scared of challenges. They ensure that every problem has a solution. When it comes to leadership skills, you should never shy away from accepting challenges and finding solutions to cope with them.
  7. Be approachable – When you give others complete attention, you can make a powerful impact. The trust in you increases and this helps you to become a better leader.
  8. Stay helpful – Helping others to succeed goes the extra mile when you are a business leader. When you extend a hand to help, you increase the chances of earning loyalty, which helps you progress faster. You can also inspire others to lend a helping hand themselves, and in this way, a positive chain is created.
  9. Be understanding – The power of empathy works. When you put yourself into the shoes of another person, you benefit yourself and your business. You can negotiate better as you can identify solutions that work. When you appreciate others, you receive appreciation.

Therefore, when it comes to successful business leadership, keep the above practices in mind. It is never too late for you to start and enjoy success in the long run!

Eric Dalius lists some Traits of World Famous Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered why some internationally acclaimed business leaders like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Waffen Buffet, and many others have common? They all have some common business leadership traits that make people want to listen and follow to achieve their success levels. They are all wealthy, and they operate global businesses that are famous for all the good reasons.

No blame games says Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius says that one of the biggest common traits in all these leaders listed above is that they never point fingers at others. They do not even believe in the blame game. Instead, they admit their mistakes, ensuring they do not commit the same mistakes in the future. He goes on to list some of the common traits that these leaders share when it comes to managing iconic businesses that have changed the world-

  1. They have an open mind – All of the above leaders are open to innovation, creativity, and new ideas. They strive to make their businesses better and stronger and are open to listening to new ideas and adopting innovations.
  • They take calculated risks – They look for big opportunities to enhance their profits, and for this, they are prepared to take risks. They will weigh the pros and cons of every agreement they sign.
  • They establish realistic goals – They ensure that every goal is tracked and documented well. They ensure that realistic goals are set so that they can be achieved successfully.
  • They are problem solvers – They know that every problem comes with its own solution. Even after a business is launched, they take steps to resolve problems. For instance, take the case of Mark Zuckerberg, when people were concerned and worried about Facebook’s News Feed’s privacy features, he took their concerns into account and launched a feature where they could regulate the levels of privacy on the News Feed.
  • Their presence empowers others – They have an inspirational charisma, and this trait is contagious as they care about others.
  • They are proactive – This trait infuses creativity and deep passion in all their endeavors. This is why they are successful.
  • They learn throughout their lives – Their learning never ends with a university degree. They are willing and ready to learn new processes, techniques, and technologies throughout their lives. They respond to ongoing trends and are flexible to adjust.
  • They dare to walk away – Saying “No” is not an easy task, and these leaders dare to refuse when they see business partners or investments are bringing in nothing to their tables.
  • They consider their questions well – Since they believe in problem resolution, they will always ask the right questions to the correct people. This helps them to figure out the solutions to the problems they want to address.

Therefore, when it comes to these world-famous business leaders, they all nurture the same common traits. They are exemplary, innovative, inspiring, and radical game-changers making the world a better place for everyone with success!

Common Mistakes Small Businesses Must Avoid – Eric Dalius

Marketing is an area small companies need to focus on to promote their productsto potential customers. Only then can they see a significant increase in sales. Many of them often resort to using selling tactics without properly assessing theirprobable results. These corporate enterprisesare also not sure whether theyalign with their overall organizational goals. As a result, they spend more money than their actual budget allocation for marketing and lose revenue.

Eric Dalius – Small business owners and profits

Eric Dalius is an esteemed business expert who explains marketing is essential for the success of small companies. It is the process through which they can introduce their brand products to many potential buyers. The companies’ objective should be to convince the targeted market to buy their goods at the prices they charge. Business owners can even turn them into potential customers if they are successful in their efforts. Only then can they generate sufficient revenue.

Small companies should normally avoid making the following common marketing errors when promoting their brand products:

1. Not devising a proper strategic plan

Small companies often fail in their marketing efforts because they do not formulate a viable strategic plan. They need to know which kind of buyers is likely to show interest in their brand products. Accordingly, the companies should understand the purchasing habits of the targeted audience. Then, these corporate enterprises need to devise a strategic plan to convince them to buy their products. They even have to allocate a budgetto their marketing campaigns and stay within it.

2. Failing to explain salient features of the product/service

Owners of small companies often fail to highlight their brand products’ salient features to their targeted audience. As a result, these customers hardly notice any difference between their goods and that of their competitors in the same business.They end up choosing products or services available at the lowest prices. Business owners need to use marketing as a channel to educate their customers on their brand products’ uniqueness.They need to convince these buyers that acquiring their goods gives them value for money.

3. Not having an online and social media presence

Many small company owners do not operate a fully functional business website for cost considerations. Most of them argue their brand products only cater to customers in local markets. As a result, the companies remain stagnant and eventually lose out to their competitors. They need to have a good online presence on the Internet and different social media platforms. This allows them to promote their brand products to a large targeted audiencevia the Internet.

Small companies can only thrive in the market by constantly evolving their marketing strategies. They need to be aware of the selling tactics their business competitors are using. Only then can they take countermeasures to retain their customers and gain a competitive edge in the market. Moreover, they should always evaluate their marketing efforts and strategies using suitable metrics. Above all, they should be open to using cost-effective marketing platforms like the Internet and social media.

Eric Dalius talks about Key Elements of Business Finance Every Business Leader Must Know

Business finance is theraising, allocating, and managing funds companies need to conduct their business operations. These corporate enterprises can get the money they need from many different sources. These includeissuing equity shares, applying forcommercial loans, availing merchant cash advances,crowdfunding, andinvoice factoring.

Eric Dalius – business finance and how to manage them

According toEric Dalius finance is the lifeblood of companies. All the other critical areas of their businesses are dependent on a steady and constant cash flow. These are sales, marketing, human resources, logistics, customer relations, purchases, inventory procurement, production, and supply chain operations. Business finance’s primary goal is to apportion money into these areas to maximize the companies’ wealth.

Business finance comprises the following three critical areas:

1. Corporate finance

Corporate finance deals with properly planning, managing, and controlling funds companies have at their disposal. It includes cash flow management, in-depth analysis of financial statements, devising dividend policy, cash and capital budgeting. In small companies, the owners handle the financial operations of their businesses themselves. They monitor costs, expenses, income, and transactions with trading partners.

In the case of large public-trading companies, the Board of Directors approves all financial transactions. They scrutinize all the financial statements their accounting departments prepare according to the relevant statutory guidelines. The board members even assess the companies’ performance using various liquidity and solvency metrics.

2. Investments

Investments involve the companies making important decisions on which assets they use to invest to gain maximum returns.Corporate enterprises can choose to buy many different liquid assets in the financial markets. These generally include equity securities, bonds, derivatives, mutual funds, commodities, short-term U.S Treasury notes, and exchange-traded funds. Their objective is toearn enough after-tax dividends and interest to supplement their cash reserves.

To make sound investment decisions, companies need to havea sound knowledge of how financial markets work. They get to know when to buy these liquid assets and sell them at the right prices. Only then can they expect to maximize their returns. Moreover, the companies should be able to adapt to the pricefluctuations in the financial markets.

3. Financial risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the process of identifying, analyzing, and minimizingthe possible financial risks companies face. These hazards can arise when they prepare to make new investments or transact business dealings. It reveals how well these corporate enterprises’ finances canadapt tosudden changes in the market. These situationscan arise due to natural calamities, stiff competition from rivals, frauds,or changes in statutory requirements.

Companies should have enough funds to maintain a steady cash flow during seasonal downtimes and clear their liabilities. If the need arises, these corporate enterprises should convert liquid assets into cash to boost their finances.Otherwise, they could end up having a serious liquidity problem.

Companies need to ensure their business finances are to conduct their commercial activities smoothly. This can help them maintain a steady cash flow to pay off their liabilities and make investments. Corporate enterprises will also be better positioned to deal with sudden changes in their market environment with success.

Eric Dalius says Make Communication a Top Priority in Business

When it comes to working environments, communication often slips to the bottom of the priority list. True business leaders never shy away from the conversation, no matter how difficult they might get. There are times when the bitter truth should come out. This might come from a client or a customer, or an employee. If there is a problem, it should be heard. One should never jump to conclusions. It is here that patient listening is required so that the perception of the situation changes and the right action steps can be embraced.

Eric Dalius says move fast towards solutions

As per Eric Dalius, the major goal of any difficult conversation at the workplace should be a positive resolution. There are many times when your perception as a business owner changes with the newly acquired information.

The need for you to listen concerning the opinions of others

When it comes to conversations at the workplace, they sometimes can be frustrating and confusing. This is why some companies have innovative techniques to manage these conversations better. It is hard for you to determine what a person likes or dislikes, so sheets depicting their personality traits often help. For instance, someone in the office might not like long-winded conversations. Again, another person might not mind speaking a little extra.

The goal here is to listen and ask questions. Do not let judgments and opinions rule your conscience. You should treat the other individual with respect and move towards a healthy resolution.

Communication also includes non-verbal cues and body language

In the workplace, all your business communication will not be verbal. There are non-verbal cues that you should take note of. There have been several studies on the above subject, and it has been seen that around 65 to 95 percent of any message is accepted and received in a non-verbal form. This means if you are frowning about something that has happened at home when you arrive at work, your employees will misinterpret your facial expression to be displeased. They will assume you are not happy with the performance or annoyed with them. You should be very mindful of what you feel and pay attention to body language. In this way, you can establish a healthy and positive rapport at the workplace.

He sums up by saying that candid feedback should be encouraged at the workplace. Be prepared to listen to the truth, as this often can help in the organization’s further development and growth. There is a common belief that all brilliant ideas tend to come from the top. However, this is not always true. Business leaders should have the time to listen to employees, which should be a systematic process. Employees feel valued, and they know their opinions matter in the organization. This will ensure everyone is heard as they need an equal opportunity to speak. If the communication is well-structured and encouraged regularly, problems will be mitigated early, and the business will prosper.