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Eric Dalius on 4 Common Mistakes that Startups Should Avoid

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To start a business will never be an easy task. Most entrepreneurs believe that an excellent business idea will make a business successful, yet some startups fail despite having a fantastic business concept. A company’s success does not rest only on a well-thought decision or an idea, but it is more about the do’s and don’ts, patience, and the whole process that pays off.

4 Common Mistakes that Startups Should Avoid

Below are 4 common mistakes that startups should avoid according to Eric Dalius,

  1. Lack of Research, Idea, or Focus – A business person will start his company, or a business yet is clueless about what they want. They do not possess any idea and where they wish to reach. No work will be successful sans any idea or plan. Thus, before starting a business, a businessperson needs to do his homework well and do thorough research regarding every facet of the company they desire to do. They should communicate with people in the same business, study the market, and make a complete plan of their profitable goals, aims, objectives, mission, and vision or any risks and expected failures.

Besides, you need to make milestones to help them decide their business journey. They must set a milestone through accountants and experts to calculate profit, sales, and production that they can achieve and anticipated loss. A businessperson should never lose focus yet must be flexible with every form of change in the market, industry, or prevailing conditions.

2. Drain Money – A businessperson that begins a startup must start right from scratch and slowly scale up, says Eric J Dalius. They must not jump. Entrepreneurs generally generate a lot of money yet invest in wrong things. However, till they realize that it is a waste, it becomes too late. In the real sense, what they do is drain their cash on things that thru do not need right away. They invest in office decoration, organize parties for stakeholders or clients, invest in a new car, or involve in activities that do not generate direct profits. They may fail to realize this, but this form of spending at an initial stage may lead them to bankruptcy before they even know it.

3. Hiring the Wrong People – Often in haste, a businessman tends to hire the wrong people or work with the wrong people. A wrong decision in business regarding selecting workers to work with will be a severe committable mistake. Such persons here can be anyone, investors, employees, business partners, and often customers too. Choosing the wrong business partner will be a complete wastage of effort, money, and time. Bad customers in some cases lead to business loss.

4. Take Unplanned Steps – For any business to move forward is a necessity. A business person can achieve every milestone step by step. While stepping ahead, a crucial step will be to pre-plan. It entails research as needed by the top business magazines and set up a marketing plan, financial plan, and business plan. The planning will offer a framework, direction and help cope with business problems in the future.

Try to avoid these common mistakes when you start a business to reap the utmost benefits.

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