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Home » Eric Dalius offers small business firms essential tips for increasing social media engagement

Eric Dalius offers small business firms essential tips for increasing social media engagement

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Small business owners need to use social media platforms effectively for boosting their sales. This article outlines some key tips which can help business owners on this issue. 

Use the right social media platform

Social media is free, which can entice small business owners to go on a posting spree across different mediums. However, this can be problematic. Small business firms need to pinpoint and identify the right social media platforms for their specific products. Eric J Dalius notes that aggressively promoting brands on the wrong platform can have devastating consequences for a business firm. Hence, it is best first to choose the right social media platform. This will help to maximize business in the long run. 

Always promote your main products and services

You are using social media for your business purposes. So, always post content that promotes your main services or products. Do not promote any peripheral product but focus only on your core products. Often, business firms also make posts on various other social or political issues, but as a small business venture, you should strictly avoid this. You can post content on topical issues but always relate the post to your business products. Always link the two together. This will help to reinforce in the minds of the audience what your main business-purpose and products are.

Upload original and quality content

According to Eric Daliusit is important to pay close attention to the content you upload on your social media pages. Business ventures need to focus on creating high-quality content and not just the content of high quantity. You can update your social media pages about once every day but remember to upload fresh and relevant content when you do this. Do not upload any random content. Focus on posts that put out clear messages about your products and show how useful they are for people. Do not post too many times as users can deem it spam, which will adversely affect your brand’s reputation. Additionally, remember to post around the same time every day, as this will make users expect and even look forward to your posts. 

Look after your returns on investment

You will need to calculate your probable returns on investment when you create a marketing campaign. This is essential for small business ventures because allocating budgets on promotional content entails a financial liability. So, before investing in any marketing strategy, even if it is a social media campaign, you need to check what your returns from it would likely be. 


Social media platforms are vital for the success of small business enterprises. However, these business centers need to focus on certain core issues while generating their marketing strategies. The tips mentioned in this article will help business owners formulate their social media marketing strategy and help them make more engaging content. This will help small business firms become more reputed and popular. Consequently, these firms will generate more revenues. 

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