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Home » Eric Dalius highlights the readily available free resources in Miami that can help entrepreneurs

Eric Dalius highlights the readily available free resources in Miami that can help entrepreneurs

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Those with an entrepreneurial spirit are flocking to Miami to set their business amid the US’s World Wide Business Center. Thousands of global corporate offices have their headquarters in Miami that bears testimony to how attractive the place is for businesses. Since Miami is a gateway for import and export trade in America and has a diverse economy buoyant with the surge in the real estate and construction sector, it is a natural choice for setting up any business. Small businesses find ample opportunities for growth in Miami by taking advantage of the business climate that gives complete peace of mind to entrepreneurs, explains Eric Dalius, a veteran and successful marketer with a proven entrepreneurial track record.

Whether you are starting or transferring a business to Miami for expansion, you would benefit in many ways, mainly for its tax structure. According to EricJDalius,the absence of personal income tax at the state and federal levels and the low corporate tax of 5.5% in Florida, which is the lowest in the country, make Miami so much attractive for businesses. Moreover, easy access to some low-cost resources for training, counseling, and information on doing business makes Miami the most preferred destination for businesses.

 Here are the resources that entrepreneurs and business owners can make the best use of while setting up or running a business in Miami.

 Small Business Administration (SBA)

The Small Business Administration, better known as SBA, plays a pivotal role in promoting and assisting small businesses, critical for the country’s economy. SBA provides low-cost counseling to help entrepreneurs in their efforts to start and grow businesses. The counseling covers all aspects of business management, including obtaining loans for your business and even helping create a business plan and qualify for government contracts. They also organize training programs.


SCORE is a non-profit organization in Miami that plays almost a similar role as SBA by partnering with them to educate and guide entrepreneurs to help them take the business off the ground and drive it towards growth. From marketing to sales, they provide free of cost counseling in business planning and management. They organize workshops on various topics to educate business owners. SCORE maintains a highly resourceful website replete with how-to guides, and free advice is even available on email.

The Beacon Council

The Beacon Council partners with Miami Dade County’s official economic development to provide tailor-mad assistance to companies keen to relocate or expand their business in the County. Companies can use the resource for making well-informed decisions based on massive data collected across the business landscape.


The Small Business Development Center provides one-on-one counseling as part of management assistance to small business owners. It organizes training programs and technical assistance in obtaining SBA loans. The organization is committed to promoting entrepreneurial success among the local communities.

Miami DDA

Miami Downtown Development Authority executes business development plans after facilitating the development of business plans. It also provides market research studies free of cost.

That so many resources are available close at hand shows how much business-friendly Miami is.

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