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Eric Dalius says Make Communication a Top Priority in Business

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When it comes to working environments, communication often slips to the bottom of the priority list. True business leaders never shy away from the conversation, no matter how difficult they might get. There are times when the bitter truth should come out. This might come from a client or a customer, or an employee. If there is a problem, it should be heard. One should never jump to conclusions. It is here that patient listening is required so that the perception of the situation changes and the right action steps can be embraced.

Eric Dalius says move fast towards solutions

As per Eric Dalius, the major goal of any difficult conversation at the workplace should be a positive resolution. There are many times when your perception as a business owner changes with the newly acquired information.

The need for you to listen concerning the opinions of others

When it comes to conversations at the workplace, they sometimes can be frustrating and confusing. This is why some companies have innovative techniques to manage these conversations better. It is hard for you to determine what a person likes or dislikes, so sheets depicting their personality traits often help. For instance, someone in the office might not like long-winded conversations. Again, another person might not mind speaking a little extra.

The goal here is to listen and ask questions. Do not let judgments and opinions rule your conscience. You should treat the other individual with respect and move towards a healthy resolution.

Communication also includes non-verbal cues and body language

In the workplace, all your business communication will not be verbal. There are non-verbal cues that you should take note of. There have been several studies on the above subject, and it has been seen that around 65 to 95 percent of any message is accepted and received in a non-verbal form. This means if you are frowning about something that has happened at home when you arrive at work, your employees will misinterpret your facial expression to be displeased. They will assume you are not happy with the performance or annoyed with them. You should be very mindful of what you feel and pay attention to body language. In this way, you can establish a healthy and positive rapport at the workplace.

He sums up by saying that candid feedback should be encouraged at the workplace. Be prepared to listen to the truth, as this often can help in the organization’s further development and growth. There is a common belief that all brilliant ideas tend to come from the top. However, this is not always true. Business leaders should have the time to listen to employees, which should be a systematic process. Employees feel valued, and they know their opinions matter in the organization. This will ensure everyone is heard as they need an equal opportunity to speak. If the communication is well-structured and encouraged regularly, problems will be mitigated early, and the business will prosper.

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