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Tips from Eric Dalius on what to Do When Your Team Members Are Not Performing Well

Eric Dalius

Being a business owner means you will be dealing with a team full of diverse abilities and personalities. Even if you are the sole proprietor of a business, you need to regularly work with contractors and freelancers. Irrespective of the kind of business leader you are, if there is a weak link, they can cause many bottlenecks and hinder productivity. Even worse, it can injure morale as lazy employees often bring down the business’s productivity and growth.

Eric Dalius – tackle the situation before it gets worse in the organization

Eric Dalius feels that if you are a business leader with employees who are not performing up to their potential, there are ways for you to tackle the situation. He says you should address the above situation at the earliest.

You must ensure there is no problem from your end when you are assigning projects. Make sure you-

  1. Be aware of your workload. Before you assign tasks, ensure you check with everyone to ensure they are available or their work schedules.
  2. Ser specific and clear expectations. To mitigate confusion, communicate what you want. Check whether they are informed of the action items beforehand.
  3. Eradicate potential obstacles- Enquire if anything is stopping them from completing their tasks. For instance, they might be using outdated software, so ensure they are up to date to face no problems.
  4. Divide larger tasks into smaller ones- If you break down large assignments into smaller tasks, you can assist those who often struggle with procrastination. Smaller tasks ensure a larger sense of urgency and can move ahead on time.
  5. Issue reasonable deadlines with priorities set- When you are issuing deadlines, ensure they are realistic. You should be aware of what elements to concentrate on first.

Never judge your employees too quickly or jump to conclusions

It would help if you went down to the root of the problem. You should never judge too fast. Being proactive is the key. Check whether they are being lazy or are incompetent. They might have genuine reasons that are stopping them from completing their work. Once you get to the root of the problem, you are effectively able to set priorities straight.

Share some of their workloads, if required

Never complain if you need to share some part of their workload. However, never let them interfere with your work productivity. You should be responsible for your workload and not anybody else’s.

As a business leader, you cannot control the behavior of other people. However, you can choose how you respond to them. However, be open and prepare to offer help. You can begin by helping others with less important tasks. Rotate responsibilities. You can give new roles to your team members. This gives you the chance to pursue passions and interests in the organization. In case they fail to succeed, they get the golden opportunity to learn their mistakes along with the way.

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