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How big tech companies deal with privacy – Insight by Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius

Undoubtedly, security has become a very glaring topic in the world market today. There is a need to protect high-profile data. Data breaches take place worldwide, and as such, people have become very cautious and alert when it comes to talking about data protection. Securing the data has become the top of the priority list of most of the companies. All the tech giants try to regulate the behavior of people to prevent data breaches.

They store crucial information, find out what customers do, how they work, and their priorities that become crucial to security initiatives. Cyber-attacks have become a widespread phenomenon where hackers are targeting every aspect of big tech companies. These companies are struggling hard to battle out security issues. There is a need for cybersecurity, but you must know that to prevent security breaches of any company, they need to implement expensive measures to counter it and combat it adequately.

Many hackers use malware and other devices to get crucial information from big tech companies. Reports indicate that almost 81% of breach cases were hacking based, and 69% of incidence involved malware practices. Unfortunately, many big companies still do not understand the importance of protecting private information and taking crucial steps to prevent various kinds of data breaches.

Two important areas

  • Secure personal data
  • Securing corporate data

Some crucial measures to prevent a data breach?

Listed below are some accepted ways to prevent your company from data breaches

  • Set up a control list for people who have access to your business

Entrepreneurs should have control over people who have access to the computer system’s crucial data information in any firm. You should also specify whether employees can log in to your computer system when they work remotely or present in the office. It would help if you did not trust the employees unreasonably because it creates a difficult situation.

  • Frequently Change passwords

Entrepreneurs should frequently change the passwords of devices with crucial information so that there is no leak of information. It would help if you gave important passwords only to people or employees whom you trust so that information does not get diverged in other areas. Give information only to those people who do not misuse the information to harm the enterprise.

  • How to allocate security responsibilities and roles to the employees

You should identify whom to give access to crucial business information. It would help if you also switched these responsibilities from time to time not to distribute essential details of your firm to prevent misuse of information against your enterprise. Changing roles and responsibilities of the company among trustworthy employees becomes necessary to have no data breach, intentional or accidental.

  • Have crucial policies for social media and the internet

It would help if you allowed employees to have access to information but with a list of policies so that there is no diverging of information on platforms they are not supposed to do. Employees should know about the company’s policies regarding social media usage so that they do not hamper the reputation of the company or engage in activities that would mar the importance of the firm.

  • Use a filtering system for your online devices

Use appropriate programs in consultation with professionals so that you can block those sites that have content to harm your company through inappropriate viewing practices. Many employees engage in viewing inappropriate content during business hours; thus, you can use a filtering program to block such harmful sites from infecting the company software.

  • Install Security programs on each device

It would help if you had a network of programs that would block different malicious software—thereby preventing compromising crucial data of a company. Sometimes circulation of critical data on your computer may lead to severe losses. As an entrepreneur, you must become vigilant and prudent to install security programs that would keep malicious software away from your company devices so that information does not get compromised.

  • Keep track of peer-to-peer websites

If your company indulges in peer-to-peer information sharing, you must become very cautious about security measures. Try to secure crucial information regarding import matters so your company’s announcement does not become public if you do not want to do so. Sometimes peer-to-peer sharing of websites leads to confusion and sharing of crucial data, thereby leading to breaches. 

  • Adequately store crucial date of the company

Prudent entrepreneur keeps crucial and critical company data such as personal information of the customers stored offline. The data stored online can get subjected to cyber-attacks; therefore, it is advisable to store crucial data offline so that you can keep it secure and safe without compromising your customers’ personal information. If your firm cannot protect the customers’ essential details, it will mar the firm’s reputation reducing the business to a considerable extent.

  • Get insurance for cybercrime issues

Getting insurance for cybercrime issues can cover the liability if there is a breach of data or cyber-attack on your company. However, different policies have different terms and conditions as some policies include legal liability, direct loss, and even consequential loss due to security breaches of crucial data of the company. Some insurance providers also have network security issues such as resources and means in case of an attack.

As such, big tech companies need to take safety measures to secure the data to face the consequences later. Securing company data is a costly affair, but if crucial data gets circulated in the market, it will be more expensive.

Therefore, an entrepreneur can become successful by being calculative to ensure no breach of data would hinder the firm’s growth. Some firms hire professionals to keep their data secure. Sometimes data breaches can lead to a company shut down. As such, it is a prudent step to take precautions beforehand. It will help if you remain updated on the security matters of your company. Failure to do so might cost you the existence of your company.

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