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Ways to Empower Your Employees – Eric Dalius

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When it comes to business employees, you will find there are three kinds- the employee who displays great promise but refuses to set up to take responsibility, the employee who always avoids eye contact at team meets to avoid contributing ideas, and the employee who has no idea about what his/her contribution to the company is. Employers have seen them all, and it is high time they pay attention to the above employees as they lack empowerment.

Eric Dalius – the need for empowered employees for business success

Eric Dalius is an esteemed business specialist who says that if you do not pay attention to your employees and do not make them feel empowered, your business will never taste success. If employees do not feel empowered, they will never step up to take the initiative and responsibility. He lays down the following ways via which your employees will feel empowered at work-

  1. Begin with a strategic vision that is clear – You need to give your employees something exciting so that they eagerly work towards obtaining it. This is the vision statement of your business. The mission statement is directed towards shareholders, but the vision statement is created for your employees to inform them where your company stands, its future, where it is heading to, and its plans to reach from points A to B.
  • All your employees should be on the same page – Your employees should have the confidence and the knowledge to make individual choices that correspond with your company goals. Help them set work goals so that they can be attained, taking your business forward in the process. Communication should be open, transparent so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Identify efforts and reward success – The secret to making your employees confident and taking the initiative is to reward those who do. This is a great motivator for employees. When you recognize and reward their efforts, you automatically boost others’ morale in the organization.
  • Mitigate roadblocks and offer assistance – The next step is to eliminate any hindrances that block employees from feeling empowered in the organization. If you do not promote a culture promoting open communication, your employees will be less inclined to develop innovative ideas and actions.
  • Never hover – To give your employees true power and potential, you should stop hovering over him/her at work.  Step back and allow your employee to work and experience full potential. Bill Gates said the future leaders would empower their employees, leading to greater trust between the employee and the employer.

Therefore, as a business owner, if you want your employees to boost productivity and take your company to the next level, keep the above tips in mind. They are simple to implement and powerful when it comes to giving you positive results. They can be followed by owners of both small and large businesses equally. When you start them, you will find your employees’ morale rise and your company gaining the competitive edge in the market with success!

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