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What hinders the growth of creativity in financial business as clarified by Eric Dalius


It is a myth that a finance company does not need creativity to grow. The fact of the matter is creativity is necessary for any business to grow. A good entrepreneur will know how to channelize the creative impulses to gain good financial outcomes. It would be best if you tried to overcome the fear that is blocking your creative inspirations. It is another myth that we are born with artistic talent. Instead, creativity is something you need to practice over time to polish it. Once you develop confidence, then only you will be able to build your capabilities in any sphere.

Fears that block creativity are –

EJ Dalius explains the fear of uncertain and unknown

In any financial business, clarity comes with the development of empathy for the target consumers. You cannot develop that just by sitting behind the desk. Have to go out in the chaotic world to get hold of unexpected findings. You may also encounter irrational people, and also you may not want to hear them, but this is where you will get your creative breakthroughs.

Going ahead in the passage of learning can help you gather information to bring about new innovative strategies in the business. Even without a hypothesis, you can make it happen only if you are focused. If you do not go out for exploration, then all you will be doing is reconfirming financial ideas that already exist. It will make your competitor have the edge over you.

Thus it is recommended that entrepreneurs and also developers of financial products explore the world to bring out lucrative gains. It might be hard for entrepreneurs to pry out of the office, but it is essential to get real insights.

Fear of judgmental views

We indeed do feel apprehensive, thinking about what other people would say. Fear of being judged has often hindered the development of many careers. There are instances where we kill potentially creative ideas, only for fear of being judged by our seniors or peers. The only viable option that is left is to stick to safe suggestions or solutions. By doing this, we allow others to take the risk and also grow in the financial market. If you always censor yourself, you can never develop your creative potential.

The success of any business enterprise depends on you; that is, you have to stop judging yourself. You can win half the battle if you end constraining your creative capabilities. Generating new ideas and also keeping note of it might help you come up with surprisingly new financial strategies, thereby serving you to edge over your competitors.

Fear of initiating a venture

They are entrepreneurs who want to embrace their creative ideas, but executing it comes with many struggles. Initially, it might indeed be hard to give a concrete shape to your creative efforts. Eric J Dalius suggests that just good ideas cannot bring out financial or productive outcomes. It would help if you could overcome this inertia.

Instead of looking at the broader picture, you should focus on a small task that you can efficiently tackle. Too much planning can also spoil things. Do not get into too complicated procedures initially but instead focus on starting simple. Try to take up tiny steps and also then expand also gradually.

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