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EJ Dalius: Working on growth strategies for your business


Every business needs to chalk out a detailed growth plan to understand where it wants to reach within a chosen time frame. It has to be short-term, though, covering one to two years. Also, it should be easy to review every quarter to know what you attained and also what you missed at that specific time. It should allow you to make and also necessary changes as per your current status in the market. Usually, you draw it for the well-being of your company. But it is also to demonstrate your and also potential before your investors. You present them with a picture as to how you will increase sales in the upcoming months.

When you write your growth plan, you don’t need a template. However, your focus has to be on revenue. It should manifest how you will make money in different quarters. You can include a variety of strategies in your plan, targeting growth. Still, experts suggest that it is better to zero down on four main things first. Let’s take a quick look into them for a fair understanding.

The main growth strategies for the business plan by Eric Dalius


You have to identify a segment for penetration. It doesn’t mean launching a new product or service to tap into the specific area. You have to work around your existing offerings – whether it implies adjusting prices or starting a new marketing campaign.


Product development can be another and also a critical part of the growth plan. In this area, you can discuss new offerings for your current market based on customer demand. The only thing is it should not mean exploring new markets.


The leading entrepreneurs like EJ Dalius suggest that this stage refers to the diversification of markets and also products. It can work well for versatile small businesses as they can quickly identify how to enter the new markets.


It is about classifying your offerings for new markets when existing conditions don’t provide adequate growth opportunities. You will try to get into a new market.

In essence, your growth plan’s crux has to be about expansion and also ways to achieve the same. It can be a difficult task, but it is worth investing your time and also efforts. A well-drawn plan can help you maintain focus. When you create your project, you can describe expansion areas, quarterly and also annual financial goals, marketing endeavours for growth targeting, the availability of the capital during the phase of growth, and also hiring needs and also processes. As soon as it is ready, it would help if you kept referring back to it to track your journey. Frequent revisions and also reviews can fine-tune your efforts.

A serious business owner tends to involve the high-ranking employees in the plan to keep them motivated. When they realize the potential, they will also be ready to assume responsibilities and also contribute. Make sure your business growth plan talks about operational and also equipment costs also. You need sufficient tools and also systems to scale your company.

To start with your plan, you can focus on your present market condition, competition, and also how far your business has reached. All these components can help you formulate your strategies.

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