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How can entrepreneurs secure their venture from competitors who copy? Meaningful insights by EJ Dalius


The market is dynamic and also competitive. So, when an entrepreneur launches a company, it’s challenging to stand out. It can also indicate that you got a beneficial space with ample potential. The market includes both small and also big players. It would be best if you stay updated on what the big and also leading market players are doing. The start-ups usually pose ample risks, because it’s agile and also can shift any direction to carry on with the business at hand. It is here that business emulations take place.

EJ Dalius shares ways in which companies can thrive

Do you have an excellent business idea? Are you willing to present it at a profitable domain? If yes, then you need to get ready to witness people emulating and also copying your business idea. Imitation is common when an entrepreneur comes up with a meaningful business idea. EJ Dalius, an entrepreneur, says that it is necessary to stay ahead of such competitors. And also for that, you need to refer to the following tactics:

  1. Increase customer priority

Are you operating your business in a crowded market domain? If yes, then the ideal way to distinguish your venture from others who copy you is to provide high-end customer service. Be responsive to your customer comments and also needs. 

The ideal way to outshine the competition is to know your consumers better. It means the service and also a product you can provide no one else can. When you focus on the human aspect of the business and also add a personal touch to your service and also product offering, it will appeal to customers more. And also no other brand can replicate that, even if they replicate your idea or product concept.

2. Concentrate on a particular niche or vertical

Most start-ups try to be the leader in everything. That truth is, that is not possible. Intelligent entrepreneurs always find a niche for their business and also provide the ideal solutions for that niche. They make sure that they address the customer’s pain points with their service and also products. 

It’s necessary to concentrate on a niche because that makes your brand exclusive. The sooner your customers identify you in this niche, it becomes difficult for another brand to take your place or replicate your ideas. Selecting a niche need not be about a service or product. It can also refer to:

  • The business location.
  • The way you sell your service or products, such as membership or subscription
  • The service or product price
  • The demographics
  • Constant innovation

According to the latest Accenture study, approximately 93% of executives think that their company’s long-term success is because of the organization’s capacity to come up with new ideas. The secret to the success of any brand is the ability to keep their service and also products safe. That means it’s essential to keep innovating, as that will keep your brand distinguished from others. It will bring you profitable business opportunities. You might be making small changes to your products or service offerings, which will work for your audience.

In a competitive market, entrepreneurs must ensure their venture is exclusive. The guidelines mentioned above will help you to stay unique.

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