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EJ Dalius: Is there a right time to launch one’s business?


Starting a business may have crossed your mind so often, and also you did not act on it yet, thinking let the right time come. The veteran entrepreneurs say you can have plenty of reasons to hold back your entrepreneurial zest, and also waiting for the right time is just one of them. Nevertheless, if you are serious about it, you will need to create conditions to walk on this path. Now, the question is – how to achieve this dream? There are three things you can do to push yourself into this domain. Let’s quickly explore them.

Steps to starting a business by Eric Dalius

The sense of pride

When you set up a goal and also realize it, you must feel proud of your achievement. It creates a feeling of self-worth and also motivates you. Likewise, launching a business can be your ambition. You can have a vision around it. Imagine your life five years from now and also how you reach there. Visualize your company, team, etc. Allow yourself to dream about how you spend your leisure time and also things people talk about your venture and also you. Note down all these things and also see them as a reality. Bask in the pride you sense at the thought of you built something. It can be your imagination right now, but it can also be your road to success. Once you know your destination, it becomes easier to move towards the same.

The setting of priorities

The seasoned entrepreneurs like EJ Dalius believe that starting a business has to do with you more than anything else, even time. You can write your story. However, for this, you need to have grit and also gumption along with a vision. It would be best to look into a big picture with a readiness to put in hard work and also the hours to grow it. You have to understand that you are your boss, and also you move on in this direction to make it work.

The chances of failures

Studies show that about 62% of Americans aspire to be their boss. Still, not everyone builds businesses. Most assume that money and also time are the two critical factors that push them back. However, the real reason is the fear of failure. It can be dampening, but it doesn’t mean you are inefficient, incapable, or weak. You need to work on your mindset and also use your failure as a tool to grow. So, don’t fear what will happen if you fail. If you are ready to lose, your chances of succeeding may increase. You will not stop there. Instead, you will try to find why you failed and also look for ways to figure out the path forward.

Hence, don’t wait for the right or perfect time. If you want to startup, the time is now. Of course, it is a risk-laden journey. But you will learn a lot. Once you begin, your dreams will start taking the shape of reality. Eventually, you would also realize that you had to do it and also do it now.

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