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Eric J Dalius: Make the leap from a freelancer to an entrepreneur


It is not a secret that a large number of freelancers abound in the USA. Studies also indicate the rise in this trend. But everything has a saturation point. A freelancer is like a nomad as they have to be ready for unpredictable situations. Sometimes, there can be more work than they can handle, and also sometimes, it can be nothing at all. If these things start to weigh on your mind, you can set yourself up for ambitious and also adventurous undertakings. To be precise, you can figure out ways to turn into a small business entrepreneur. It can sound intimidating. But it makes sense to give yourself a chance.

Here are a few suggestions to help you start this journey if you no longer enjoy your freelancing stint.

How to embark on an entrepreneurial expedition? By EJ Dalius

Business plan

Whether you freelance or launch your business, you need to identify goals and alsotargets. But it is going to be different for each other. While you can have a job-like approach for your freelancing ambition, you would have to draw long-term plans for your business. It would help if you decided what you want to do through your company, where you wish to see it, and how you can reach there. In essence, you have to have a vision about it so that you can pitch your ideas to others, such as customers, suppliers, investors, and lenders, etc.


The seasoned entrepreneurs like Eric J Dalius also recommend that you have to choose a cost-effective workplace for your venture. It can be a co-working or an office space in a specific pin code. The decision will depend on the size, nature, and also structure of your company. When choosing an area, keep in mind that it will serve as a base and also a site from where you will operate.

Network/ userbase

Earning customers from the initial phase of the business can be a remarkable thing. Since you work as a freelancer, you will know different companies, entrepreneurs, and also businesses you served. Maintain your relationship with them as this network can come in handy when you launch your small business. Because they recognize you already, they can be willing to hire your services. Besides, you can expect to expand your user base through their referrals and also recommendations.

These are some of the common grounds that can help you catapult yourself into entrepreneurial life. However, don’t jump-start anything just because it looks exciting or convincing. You have to spot gaps and also openings through which you can make an entry for yourself. Also, you may not have adequate funds to open your company. For this, you will have to seek financing. Overall, you need to be thorough in your approach to avoid leaving any scope for mistakes. For guidance, you can talk to mentors or experienced business owners. They can share a tip or two that can prove hugely advantageous in your journey.

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