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Eric Dalius Explains the Top Three Benefits of Personal Financial Planning

Eric Dalius

With personal financial planning, you know exactly where to spend your dollars, putting aside money for an emergency as well as saving for your retirement days. There are many benefits of financial planning. When you have sound planning, it means you are economically unbeaten compared to others. Then, you need to plan for vacations, home and car repair, kid’s school and higher education, and so on.

According to an article published on, for instance, when your mortgage or house rent eats away much of a take-home salary, you may feel that it is not possible to live paycheck through a paycheck. However, if you stick to personal financial planning or budget, it is possible to put aside some money for your savings account. Here are the three benefits of financial planning:

  1. Eric J Dalius believes financial planning helps you to stick to a budget

Once you realize the benefits of financial planning, you can budget easily, almost for all months. First things first, start with a spending plan so that you pay all your bills before the due date. This way, you will have no problem paying later when the saved cash goes into some black hole. If you postpone bill payments, there are chances you will waste that money on something that is not urgent.

When you repay debts, you are receiving a raise. EJ Dalius believes that if you do not understand how to live on a budget, take the assistance of a family member or friend, who would certainly help you.

  1. Financial planning helps you make wealth

Though it is an obvious thing to say, when you stick to a budget and save every month from your paycheck, you start growing your wealth. You can even invest the money. After all, money begets money. You will find it interesting when you learn to manage your income and save at the same time. If you have problems saving, you can use personal finance apps or tools to help you with a savings plan. These apps have smart algorithms to pull cash away from the checking account to your personal savings account.

The benefit of personal financial planning is not cash. It is the security, happiness, and peace of mind that comes when you have adequate savings in your bank.

  1. Helps you get out of loans

People who have a sound financial plan pay off their debts faster. There are instances of borrowers paying off a debt of $293,000 in just 5-6 years, which is only possible if you have a financial plan in place. For this, you need to create a monthly budget and reduce expenses. For example, if you used to spend $5,000 each month to pay your debts, reduce it to $2,085. Focus on these figures for a while. If you have a steady and decent paycheck, you can create a budget so that you become debt-free quickly.


Once you ease into the process of personal financial planning, you can make bill payments on time and pay off your debts faster than ever.

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