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Eric Dalius – 3 Practical Ways to Finance Your Travel Agency

Eric Dalius

Do you have a travel agency and running short of funds? If so, financing your business is more challenging than you have known. Then, it is not an impossible thing to achieve. All you need to do is research and find the right financing options for your travel business. Before applying for small business loans, make sure you have a healthy credit score and payment history. It will help you to move things quickly as far as your loan application is concerned.

According to an article published on, you can start small and home-based, if you would like to keep your bottom line high and overhead low for your travel agency. Here are three practical tips to finance your travel agency:

  1. Eric J Dalius recommends small business financing

Did you know that numerous banks as well as online lenders provide business loans to travel startups? The finding will help you kick-start your business. Moreover, these loans are simple and convenient for business owners who want to start on a small scale. Then, you will need to shell out higher rates of interest for such loans.

Again, you will have to secure the loan with some assets you possess. When you borrow money in your name, you become responsible as far as the loan risk is concerned. Just as you use 401(k), you will not like to take your travel business loan casually. EJ Dalius suggests you take a loan with fair interest rates and flexible repayment options.

  1. Use your 401 (k)

When you have a 401(k) with your current job or past employer, it becomes a tad easier for you to finance your travel agency. You can use your retirement money to kick-start your travel venture. As the 401(k) money is your retirement benefit, make sure you have a rock-solid business plan for your travel agency before you dip into 401(k). You can take the assistance of a tax lawyer or for that matter your business attorney to make certain that you do not slip-up when it comes to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS.

  1. Take help from family, loved ones, or friends

In case, your family member or a friend is financially sound and has adequate cash, an inheritance, or a trust, you can take financial assistance to start your travel agency. Then, borrowing money from loved ones or friends often ruins relationships if you fail to repay the money. Therefore, borrow only when you are confident enough to repay the business loan.

When you feel uncomfortable asking for a loan from your family or friends, request them to invest in your travel business. Their investment will pay off when your travel agency grows and expands. One other option is asking your family or friends to become an owner so that both of you can share profits. Now, that will happen if your family or friends show interest in investing or co-ownership. If they have, the same vision as you and a keen interest in the travel business.


Now that you have these tips handy, kick-start your travel agency. If you have the required funding, it will help you grow your business and make profits.

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