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Eric Dalius – 3 Big Rewards of Starting a Small Business

Eric Dalius

Are you planning to start a small business? If so, it’s a smart decision because these days, you have easy access to cost-effective technologies, financing options, government assistance, and of course, you have the global market as your audience. The small businesses must make the most out of the micro-trends whenever likely.

According to an article published on, when you have 25 people working for you, it is logical to presume that you can ask each of them what matters the most to them when it comes to benefits, paycheck, perks, and continuing education while doing a job. Here are the three rewards of starting it:

  1. Eric J Dalius believes social media is beneficial for small businesses

Today, small businesses have social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc, as playing fields, unlike conventional distribution channels, to promote their products or services. You can popularize your products via social sites at zero or a limited budget. This is not the case with traditional advertising, which is expensive.

Social media offers you a gamut of demographics to boost brand awareness. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, Instagram is your best bet to market your creams, lotions, serums, lipsticks, etc. That is because Instagram caters to the young population. Engage in social media conversations to post your content, thus adding value to your targeted audience. EJ Dalius thinks that social media is a blessing to small businesses to pique audience interest these days.

  1. Helps in developing true business relationships with consumers

When your small business or startup builds healthy relationships with your customers, it will help your company in the end. When you have few people working, selling a couple of items, and fewer things to manage, you can communicate with your buyers directly.

The consumers look for vicinity and skill and via meaningful communication personally, or one-on-one interaction, you can easily put across your understanding and know-how of the items or services you have on offer. There is no better supporter for your concern compared to an owner, particularly when the small company you are operating is the one that you feel zealous about and put your hard work and effort.

  1. Hire a talent pool of employees flexibly

When you have a small business, you will need support in departments like HR, marketing, tech and IT, and copywriters. Then, when you have just started, you do not have the budget to appoint full-time employees. That does not mean that you cannot access top skills, advice, knowledge, and acumen. Yes, you can always outsource individuals who recommend and implement tasks over the areas mentioned, but flexibly.

When it comes to IT and technology, you can hire people when you have the need, pay for their services at the best price that offers value to your business. Then, you can take help from marketers to create and implement the right strategies and provide smart advice about managing a business.


Now that you know about the benefits of small business, make the right decisions, strategize, and hire people who best suit your business needs.

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