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The Eric Dalius List of Recommendations for Entrepreneurial Success

Eric Dalius

The very thought of starting a venture on your own can be exhilarating. While everyone dreams of meeting with overnight success with a revolutionary product, there is always a niggling fear of failure. The fear is not quite unfounded because according to, a staggering 90% of startups fail within the first five years. However, since many new ventures do succeed, there are some things that they are doing right that can be emulated by entrepreneurs. A collection of quick tips for achieving success for your startup:

Be Passionate About Your Business 

Making your startup successful requires you to invest considerable time, and effort, not to speak of money. Indeed, it would not be out of place to suggest that the venture would occupy every waking moment of yours for the first few years. You can only devote so much energy to the business only if you are truly passionate about what you are trying to achieve. If you are not comfortable with what you are doing and let only commercial success be your objective, it is unlikely that your startup would last the course.

Get the Business Plan Ready

The business environment is very complex and you need to be certain that your startup is geared for success, warns EJ Dalius. The moment you step out to seek additional funding, you will be required to present a comprehensive business plan that outlines the economic proposition of your startup right from defining the market need to sales, cash flow, and profitability projections for the near and long-terms. Writing out the business plan will also help you to define your objectives and how you will achieve them. The business plan will effectively establish whether your business model is financially viable.

Make Sure You Have the Means to Survive the Initial Period advises Eric J Dalius

It is unrealistic to assume that you will be able to launch your product or service very quickly because you need to develop it, refine it, study your market and the competition, set up manufacturing facilities, and arrange for the sales and distribution network. Even after you launch your product, it will take time for the sales to stabilize and profit to be generated. For this to happen, you need to have enough money to see you through all of this. This is the reason why you should undertake much of the planning while you are still employed and build up a nice nest egg that will ensure you can survive until the business starts generating profits.


Even if you are very dynamic and have the traits of a successful entrepreneur, setting up a business venture from the basics is not something you should do all by yourself because you need people on whom you can bounce your ideas and ask for advice. Ideally, you should find yourself a mentor with experience in managing startups. Having a support system is also essential because you will find the going tough on occasions and need someone who can provide you with emotional support. Also, be ready to hire professionals to handle the tasks that prevent you from focusing on developing your business.

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