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Eric J. Dalius Identifies Top Financial Apps for Helping Your Startups Reach Incredible Heights

Eric Dalius

Financial management may not be enjoyable but it is an important aspect of operating your startup. As per, finance apps are gaining phenomenal popularity over the years. In the United States, 92 percent of individuals in the age group of 18 to 37 years are known to use financial apps and tools for mostly tracking their expenses and paying bills. You must start using some cutting-edge finance apps if your budget does not permit you to employ the services of an accounting team.

Thanks to the efficacy and competence of all these finance apps, you could save some time and money. You could focus your attention on crafting effective stratagems to take your startup business to another level. Being a startup owner, you must realize that time is precious and every second is of great importance. Fortunately, you have easy access to a broad range of time-saving tools and apps that could assist you in every aspect of your business including time tracking, communication, and effective financial management.

Top Financial Apps Just Right for Startups

Eric Dalius Recommends Quickbooks

Quickbooks accounting software is great for helping small businesses in organizing their expenses, controlling cash flows, creating custom invoices, tracking receipts with a single tap on precisely the ‘pay now’ button. They help you in automating the financial processes so that you get enough free time to dedicate to other important issues and priorities.


E J Dalius advises all businesses to use Hubdoc since you no longer need to stuff your receipts in a spare shoebox. Hubdoc is a handy and versatile app. You just need to take a picture of all your receipts on your smartphone. The app would automatically start importing all your important financial documents and transform them into usable and useful data. Hubdoc is great for keeping all important financial documents and data in a single safe digital place.


All entrepreneurs recognize the fact that cash flow is the real king. Float is a competent app that proves immensely helpful to businesses because it offers efficient cash flow management simply by offering a fantastic real-time financial dashboard. This would be allowing organizations to generate a budget and keep constant track of all the money that comes in and goes out.


Whether your company has hired two or twenty employees, it is of pivotal importance, to keep monitoring them so that you know who is doing precisely what. TSheets allows you to manage scheduling and time tracking from all devices rather than waste your precious time with complicated spreadsheets and paper time cards.


It is just not possible for all startups to employ the services of a qualified project manager. However, they could still ensure that everybody would be successfully meeting their deadlines by utilizing Trello. This is supposed to be an incredibly user-friendly financial project management app and you could go about creating boards, cards, and lists for organizing and prioritizing all your projects. Moreover, this versatile app is collaborative hence; your team would surely be on precisely the same page.


Consider using one or more of these extremely versatile financial apps to keep your business running smoothly.

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