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Eric Dalius Talks about the Top Entrepreneurship Trends of 2020

Eric Dalius

When you have a business to manage, the hard work is immense, together with high gains and a lean period sometimes. The recent trends include extended working hours, busy schedules, frequent client meetings, and living on liquid food. Skipping meals or just having a bowl of soup is not healthy for entrepreneurs considering their packed schedules and long working hours.

According to an article published on, entrepreneurs need to focus on endless things such as vendors, business operations, costs, contracts, and more. Therefore, to ensure that you are on the right track, here are the top entrepreneurship trends to watch out for in 2020:

Eric J Dalius recommends meditation is helpful for busy entrepreneurs

Not much has been said about the benefits of meditation or mindfulness for entrepreneurs. It is essential to cut back on stress, fatigue, anxiety, and improve your creativity and focus. Take some time out of your busy schedule to take a breath, step back, and then perceive things in a new way when it comes to managing your business and health. This is the trend in 2020.

Meditation does not always imply that you need to sit for hours on a floor mat, listening to soothing music, or surrounded by aromatic candles in your room. Mindfulness and meditation mean sitting alone in your room or garden. You can simply reflect on your current business situation and ways to improve it without allowing any other distractions to disturb your thoughts. EJ Dalius thinks that closing your eyes and focusing on deep breathing for a couple of minutes help significantly.

Finding time for creative tasks and focus on work

Whether you are working for extended hours or not, you need to manage your time to do creative tasks as well as focus on work. There are many options such as taking a power nap, time blocking, reading for a couple of pages from a book, and things like that. You need to stick to your schedule to make the best use of your achievements.

Start with some morning rituals or habits, for example, personal care. It will keep you happy and help to focus on your work. Once you reach your company, start your day with the tedious but must-do tasks like replying to emails, attending client meetings, and answering to customers on your business social media pages.

You can use a task manager to reserve time for more specific jobs. Routine and discipline will help you better focus on your business.

Work as much required, not long hours

There is no need to work for extended hours because once your job is done; you can stop for the day. The rest of the tasks could be managed the next day. As per a study, Microsoft witnessed an increase in productivity by 40 percent when one of its offices implemented four days week work. Even Finland’s Prime Minister likes four days a week work or for that matter, six-hours of work per day, which is the latest trend in entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship has challenges and you can address them to improve your business operations. These trends will help you stay healthy, productive, and stress-free.

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