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Tips and tricks from EJ Dalius that marketers need to follow to see gains

The global coronavirus pandemic crisis is forcing entrepreneurs to tackle challenges and be ahead five steps at a time to navigate the world of sales at this time. It is all about working together and trying to address an issue that none of us have ever faced before.

According to marketing guru EJ Dalius there are five essential steps that apply to every marketer and business scenario ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. In the following section, we will look at what can be done to remedy the situation from a marketing standpoint.

Smart work will retain customers better, says Eric J Dalius

Here is something you need to remember regarding the customer psyche. Everyone is prey to the out of sight, out of mind scenario. So, if you have lost touch with customers, chances are you will become irrelevant as well. Keep in mind that in today’s world of limitless connectivity options, building a new base will prove to be more costly than maintaining existing relations. The trick is to create more ROI through the market automation procedures and engage the audience on social media platforms to stay relevant and pick up on the demand sectors as they develop in real-time.

Increasing viability

Your potential clients will judge you on the visibility. The higher is your visibility, the better it is for brand awareness. With higher brand awareness, you won’t need to drive traffic into your site as word of mouth will spread your popularity without spending on top dollar SEO strategies. However, this does not mean that you should let go of SEO completely as social distancing means people will search for products and services in and around their residence, which means local SEO is going to play a crucial role.

Content updating

Keep in mind that every business has its archive of evergreen content. These are the key features that are perennially relevant to the consumers as they are both informative and brand conscious. This is why it is essential to look through these dated content and give it a spring clean. Content updation is exceptionally crucial at this juncture.

Data measurements and analytics

Data is your friend, and therefore, measurement is your guide to find proper management in these troubled times. Without appropriate data and a measurement system in place, you can never find out about successful ad campaigns, product launches, and even user engagement. The more you measure, the more is your accountability, which means you won’t be “watering-a-dried-plant.” Use Google Analytics to your advantage, use precise data, and define key performance areas and areas that require re-strategizing.

Test, re-test and then some more

According to Eric Dalius, Digital marketing is a puzzle, and it is all about finding the right solution for your case. There is no formula to adhere to or a one-size-fits-all answer. It is more like finding a better solution to a relevant problem. This is why quick and cheap experiments, opinion polls, and user engagement are some of the popular testing options that are prevalent on the internet.

Follow these pro-tips to modify your business and marketing strategies during COVID-19.

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