Marketing Strategies for Budding Entrepreneurs from Eric J Dalius

A critical element of revenue generation is the constant improvement of user experience. The modern market demands innovation – traditional marketing strategies are becoming a thing of the past. It is imperative that an entrepreneur should incorporate fundamental marketing norms into the approach taken towards running the business. This includes the fine tuning of secondary marketing strategies to achieve a competitive edge over competitors. Additionally, emphasis should be placed on unique offerings of the business in order to utilize robust plans to market your products and services.

Cultivating Authentic Relationships with Your Customers

An entrepreneur has to imagine the mindset of a marketer to best understand marketing strategies and most efficiently expand the customer base. Becoming familiarized with the customer base’s use of social media is one way to improve your engagement strategy. On the other hand, you can expand your customer base by cultivating and nurturing existing relationships with your current partners. These partners can be your business partners, associates, as well as your distributors, and suppliers. These partners can aid in guiding new customers to your location.

Eric J Dalius Urges Entrepreneurs to Invest in Content Marketing

Forget about traditional marketing concepts; Instead, seek newer and modern solutions to common marketing issues. Content marketing is one tool which generates a massive number of leads in a short time, at a reasonable price. If you operate in a business-to-business industry, content marketing can flourish your business enormously. Concerning content marketing and engaging clientele, quality over quantity – every time. You have to learn to routinely measure, iterate, and improve your content before publishing. Many business tycoons and industry experts, including Eric Dalius, suggest using this tool for the betterment of your business.

Be an Active Participator in Your Community

Your involvement in the local community can shape the future of your brand. Your active engagement with the local community can greatly influence your customer base by positively encouraging new business. You can attract a lot of customers and retain them through consistent high-quality engagement. You can work on improving your grassroots marketing techniques via addressing their feedback and adjusting your strategies appropriately. Many entrepreneurs make the all-too-common mistake of setting their sights on unrealistic large-scale engagement, instead of taking more achievable steps towards their goal. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of capital, efforts, and resources to update their digital reach, when they should be looking more at their local community to first build their local base before expanding further.

First and foremost, your brand should be respected by your local community. Then, you can expand to building relationships with the surrounding locations. For large enterprises to start operations in new locations, the respect of the local community will make their business accessible for local customers. This requires grassroots engagement. Thus, if done efficiently, you can expect your brand can grow tremendously due to word of mouth referrals. Established firms can benefit from this strategy as much as businesses in their early stages of development.

An entrepreneur who incorporates the marketing tactics is in a better position to distinguish the company goals and generate a massive number of leads than someone who does not take the preceding strategies to heart. These tricks can be utilized independently or in conjunction – but any effort to employ these strategies should result in substantial business growth.

Eric Dalius Attends Invest Asia 2019

Yahoo Finance: Philanthropist Eric J. Dalius Offers Financial Support for Students Seeking Post-Secondary Education

Philanthropist Eric J. Dalius Offers Financial Support for Students Seeking Post-Secondary Education
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Eric Dalius – Founder of Eric J. Dalius Foundation

Eric Dalius is the Founder of Eric J. Dalius Foundation.
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Eric Dalius Explains How Digital Marketing Influenced the 2016 Election and Will Again in 2020 – EconoTimes

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Dalius files Motion to Dismiss SEC case

-Los Angeles, CA

Nearly two years after voluntarily issuing millions of dollars in member refunds at the closeout of the US based Saivian LLC and Hong Kong based Saivian International Ltd, Eric Dalius has filed a motion to dismiss the seriously flawed 2018 SEC civil case against him and any related parties. You can read the complete 57 page court filed dismissal motion document at the link below.

Read filing here

Dismissal Motion

Dismissal Motion Filing

Similarly, his last regulatory challenge back in 2003 ended in a case filing dismissal. That court ordered document can be accessed at

MLM Mainstream


MLM is becoming more and more mainstream.  MLM has come a long since I first started over 25 years ago.  The future of MLM is bright!

Here’s the link to the transcript from the interview with $10 Billion MLM Avon.

Eric Dalius


Eric Dalius Featured on Multiple Streams of Income Podcast

Connect with me through social media @

Connect with me through social media @

I was just recently featured on the Multiple Streams of Income Podcast

I was excited to share my experiences in MLM with the host of Multiple Streams of Income Podcast David Doggett.   We help start ups to market their product or service through the power of MLM.  We provide a turn key system to launch within days.