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What EJ Dalius Asks Companies To Do To Revamp Their Businesses In The Post Lockdown World

Eric Dalius

Summary: The post lockdown challenges are huge. However, following the recommendations of Eric Dalius can help companies revamp their business.

The post lockdown world is presenting numerous challenges to companies and posing several impediments to deal with the crisis. However, Eric Dalius presents his ways of interpreting the business world and the strategies needed for business continuity. While it is a time to stick to hope, the world of caution should also remain constant. The opening after the lockdown can assume different shapes in countries and regions across the world.

 Moreover, the spread of virus and the way it dictates the world can also determine what is likely to happen next. A surge in the cases can result in new restrictions. In several countries across the world, testing and tracing is the new world order. With so many challenges in various parts of the world and the obstacles in the new normal, businesses are likely to prepare new strategies to survive and continue.

Things to know

How can businesses navigate in this challenging environment? With the loosening of restrictions, the keenness to start and rebuild the business can raise new concerns. What is the present state and perceptions of the consumers and suppliers? What do the safety and health guidelines mean for companies struggling to resume normal operations?

Taking action immediately

During the time of lockdown the business operations suffered severely, which enhances the significance of business continuity and recovery plans. With the evolving challenges, such as restrictions to travel to different places across the world, remote working is a unified strategy that most businesses are adopting to continue operations. Here are the immediate actions that companies can take to recover the losses.

  • For various multinational companies, the critical service that is the key to functioning of the business must undergo reassessment. Companies need to restructure their plans through the model of shared devices.
  • The companies need to safeguard themselves from the risks if they need to continue the operations and project a reasonable growth.
  • The response towards the challenges must be strong and fast.

A word about the challenges

The post lockdown world is filled with challenges but robust recovery plans can substantiate the loss to certain extent. Note the following to know how Ericv J Dalius thinks about businesses surviving the storm.

  • The operations team needs to stick to efficient at every level and make the most of the digital technologies.
  • As the circumstances are extreme right now, the team of operations must demonstrate resilience and work together to keep the business running amidst the challenges.
  • Insights and data intelligence should dominate businesses so that they are quickly available to cope with the demands and meet the requirements of customers.
  • Most organizations are focusing on technology, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality and using platforms that integrate with analytics strongly.
  • In the post lockdown era, the digital technology may evolve as one of the basic requirements of every business.
  • Businesses need to implement models that combine machine and human tools for automation of everyday tasks to manage the operations during the difficult times.

Finally, as EJ Dalius says that it is important for companies to focus on routine communication with the employees so that the entire organization can cope with the crisis and the uncertainty with a relaxed state of mind.

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