Eric Dalius: Why do small businesses struggle with retaining customers? 

The reason why small businesses are struggling is because they are attempting to do business in a challenging economic environment says Eric Dalius. This also means that consumers shop around for the best price instead of dealing with one vendor. Today’s consumers have too many choices, so it becomes difficult for small businesses to compete. 

Small businesses look at their vendors as well, since they see them as threats to their trade. In fact, The National Federation of Independent Businesses reports that 61% of small business owners are worried about vendors taking sales away from them.   

Issues with new customers

It’s not easy for new customers to deal with a small business either.  They have the following issues:

– The small business owner may not take the time to show them the product options

– May attempt to oversell or push a certain product that they want to sell instead of what that person needs.  This leaves the customer thinking that other companies offer better service, which leads to a loss of sales says Eric Dalius.  

What can small businesses do to improve their retention rates? 

At some point, the vendor had a great product or service. But if they fail to look after them, it can hurt the company’s reputation. For example, if they don’t provide good customer support or are slow on delivery, then that could be an issue.  It also pays to check the references of a new vendor. In fact, refer to them as an “outsider” instead of a competitor. 

Small businesses need to remember that they are not in competition with their customers or vendors, but rather, they should set out to create long-term relationships with each group. It takes time for this strategy to work, but if they stick with it and give customers the best experience possible, then it could transform their business for the better.

The way forward:

If a small business still struggles with retaining customers, there are many ways it can improve its retention levels. They need to find out why consumers want to leave and how they can provide them with what they need. This means that salespeople should make extra efforts to go the extra mile and give customers what they want. In other words, this could lead to a win-win situation where both parties are satisfied says Eric Dalius.


1. Why do small businesses struggle with retaining customers?

2. What can small businesses do to improve their retention rates?

3. What does it mean to have a long-term relationship with customers and vendors?              

4. How can salespeople improve their retention levels?

5. What is the win-win situation that may occur between small businesses and consumers?

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In conclusion, retaining customers is a very important aspect of running a business explains Eric Dalius. Businesses should come up with strategies that not only improve their retention rates but also, create long-term relationships with both their customers and vendors. Doing so could lead to a win-win situation where all parties are satisfied. 

Eric Dalius: How can small businesses use social media for customer service?

Small businesses are sensitive to the needs of people. They work tirelessly to keep their customers satisfied and happily says Eric Dalius. However, they do not always have the resources of bigger companies to give them great customer service. Small businesses can use Social Media for Marketing or even get new customers but may lack the knowledge of how to use it for excellent customer service. Read on to learn how small businesses can use social media for customer service.

Social media is a great tool for any business, especially those with a smaller budget. If you have been spending money on marketing through traditional means, such as billboards and radio advertisements, consider expanding your horizons by exploring the potential of Social Media Marketing. With the power of social media, you can reach a larger audience for a fraction of the cost.

In addition to marketing your business, social media is also a valuable tool when it comes to customer service. As a small business owner, you have most likely encountered a problem with one of your clients at some point in time or perhaps heard about such an incident from another employee. Fortunately, social media is an excellent resource when it comes to turning dissatisfied customers into brand ambassadors for your business.

An additional benefit of using social media to address customer service issues is that you will be able to resolve the issue in a timely manner without costly travel expenses, sometimes even reaching a resolution faster than if you were dealing with problems offline says Eric Dalius.

If a customer is unhappy with a product or service, there are few things that can be more damaging than not taking immediate action. A potential solution to this problem is using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for real-time communication with your customers. In fact, many businesses have found that if they post on the status of an issue in a timely manner, customers are more willing to be flexible and understanding about the problem. 

When it comes to customer service, there is no such thing as overkill. If you do address a client’s concern on social media, make sure that your response is professional and courteous at all times. Similarly, if you see a complaint about your company posted on Facebook or Twitter, respond to it in a timely manner. If you are able to resolve the issue quickly, your client may have their problem solved before they even leave the page.

Even when your customers are happy with the products and services that you offer, you should still monitor social media channels for customer feedback. This will enable you to make improvements where needed and improve the overall customer experience.

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How do I work with an affiliate site that has a large following?

The article highlights how small businesses can use social media for customer service. The writer points out that small businesses can be more sensitive to the needs of their customers than bigger companies. Eric Dalius says they also do not have the resources of big companies to offer great customer service. However, small businesses can use social media marketing or even get new customers but may lack the knowledge or how to use it for excellent customer service. The writer discusses some step-by-step tactics including opening a customer service line over social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, resolving issues in a timely manner, and responding to complaints professionally. The article concludes that by monitoring customer feedback, small businesses can improve the overall experience.

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How can small businesses use social media for customer service? (By Kelly Jones)

If a customer is unhappy with a product or service, there are few things that can be more damaging than not taking immediate action explains Eric Dalius. A potential solution to this problem is using social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for real-time communication with your customers. In fact, many businesses have found that if they post on the status of an issue in a timely manner, customers are more willing to be flexible and understanding about the problem. 


Small businesses can use social media for marketing or even get new customers but may lack the knowledge of how to use it for excellent customer service. To learn how small businesses can use social media for customer service, read this article on Social Media Customer Service.

Kim Dalius and Eric Dalius believes that entrepreneurs should focus on workload management

The workload is not only growing among leaders and managers but also employees. The modern-day corporate world adds to productivity as well as workload. Hence, managing workload has become the need of the hour. With urgent assignments, back-to-back meetings, and workplace pressure, it has become difficult for people to cope with the challenge. Businesses are trying their best to keep pace with the needs and requirements of clients. Also, they are examining the competition. For leading a successful business, entrepreneurs have to satisfy the demands of society and pay attention to their survival. The workforce is the best resource for any business.

Suppose the workers feel overwhelmed and are overworked. It can become problematic for the employer to motivate them. Hence, Eric Dalius has gained immense popularity as a professional and real estate investor. Thus, he comes up with effective ways of managing an employee’s workload. He believes that it is the responsibility of the manager to take care of this problem.

Kim Dalius criticizes multitasking in the corporate world

If you do not have organized employees, do not go for multitasking. These days business communities are teaching their workers the art of trying their hands at different tasks. However, you cannot ignore the high competition and time constraints. You have to look into these aspects if you want to make your workforce productive. In addition, multitasking may lead to counterproductive consequences. When the employees get forced into multitasking, they will not do justice to their work.

Focus on prioritizing work

The first task of the day is to sit and decide on the activities of the workday. Then, it will help in reviewing the crucial tasks and the deadlines. Hence, Eric Dalius reveals the importance of prioritizing work to his wife Kim Dalius when discussing entrepreneurial issues in the evening. Eric Dalius believes that managing work has become a necessity. It will not only help in time management but also help them in handling complex tasks. Hence, a list of the activities will work like a guide for the employees, which they can follow and increase their productivity and efficiency.

Adaptability and flexibility in the workplace

When you are the manager of a firm, you have the responsibility to listen to your workers. When you are a good listener, you will be able to manage the challenges. Try to understand their opinions and suggestions and give recognition to their contribution. Remember that your role as a leader is not only to punish them but to guide them in the process. You have the responsibility of managing your subordinates and using their potential to the best possible level. Kim Dalius joined Albright College as an Academic Advisor after receiving her degree. She has worked with multiple groups of students ranging from student-athletes to university students and transfer students.

You must be reasonable when you are working with the team. As a manager, it is your responsibility to control their workload and give them free space. In addition, ensure that you boost their motivation from time to time so that they are motivated.

Build a vibrant brand with these tips from Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius
Eric Dalius

Creating a brand identity is one of the critical challenges faced by entrepreneurs thathelp to build the business on a firm footing. There is no room for making any errors while developing strategies for building a brand identity. Even the slightest error can prove too costly and derail the business, opines Eric Dalius. Therefore, doing the best in creating a brand identity is the only option for entrepreneurs, like a one-way road that they must traverse without making any mistakes. Otherwise, it can prove fatal for the business. The importance of brand identity results from building a brand persona that finds favor with the targeted customers by creating the most impacting first impression that gives reasons for taking more interest and building a long-term relationship with the brand.

To address the concerns of entrepreneurs about the techniques that work well for creating brand identity, here are some tips for an error-free approach.

Brands sell and not products, explainsEric Dalius

The introduction of digital marketing that relies on speedy interactions has considerably shrunken the attention span of customers who can at best afford just 20 seconds to have a prima facie view of the brand that helps to form the first impression. The window is just too small to let them view the excellence of your products. The secret of keeping the leads alive and kicking and gradually driving them towards conversion is to focus on developing a favorable impression or perception that revolves around the brand.  Unless customers have faith in the brand, the quality of your products does not matter to them.

Let customers view you through the brand

You must understand what customers want to view and experience because it’s vital in building a relationship with the brand. However, it is equally important to let them view your personality that prevails upon the business, which dictates your marketing and branding, confirms Eric Dalius. For example, if you belong to the old school of business, it will reflect in your business structure, culture, and operations that will influence customers’ impression about your business. They will view your business accordingly to determine how far it meets their expectations.

The brand aesthetics

Art and copy play a massive role in creating brand aesthetics, integral to the brand identity. Careful choice of design themes and content that align with your business philosophy and operations is critical to generate customer interest in the brand. When customers reach the landing page of your website, provide them enough information about your business to quickly relate and understand how much value it will be for them to interact with the business. You need to assure them of the best user experience by crafty use of the brand aesthetics.

Refine and rebrand

It is usual for marketers to make mistakes during branding, but there is always a second chance to make good for the errors by taking to rebranding. First, it helps to change the perception of customers about your company.

Rebranding is necessary to make brands acquire the contemporary looks to compete with new and emerging brands.

Enter into strategic partnerships for rapid business growth by following the advice of Eric Dalius

Eric Dalius Networth
Eric Dalius Networth

Entrepreneurs hardly have the time to savor their success on seeing the startup gain traction. Soon after the initial accomplishment, they must get ready to grow the business manifold and fast because it is the only way for survival. Trying to do it all on your own might seem like an uphill task with high chances of failure. Instead, taking the shortcut of entering into strategic partnerships can pave the way for explosive growth that stimulates the new business, clarifies Eric Dalius.

Not about money at all

Finding a strategic partner for business growth consists of finding the right fit by looking beyond the money-making goals, creating tension between the partners. One might be taking the upper hand that proves detrimental for availing new opportunities in the long run. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the partnership thrives on authenticity by avoiding conflict of interest.

Look for opportunities, says Eric Dalius

Partnerships are all about the mutual opportunity to share the market and the intellectual property right and not just about hard numbers. The partnership might not look good on paper, but the alliance happens because it creates a win-win situation for both concerning opportunities of growing their business.  Strategic partnerships help take off some of the workloads that can give startups the desired flexibility to explore the growth opportunities without incurring the opportunity costs for the individual business.

Here are some ways of making strategic partnerships work.

Look beyond the obvious

A partnership thrives on solid strategy and is brought to life by being imaginative. Look beyond the scope of evident partnerships because thinking outside the box has been the mainstay of successful partnerships. Since both partners are on the lookout for opportunities, the nature of businesses does not matter as long as they share some common goals like targeting the same client demographics. Eric Dalius cites a typical example is the partnership between BMW and Louis Vuitton that targets elite clients.

Engage the team

Although the CEOs of the companies head the project of strategic partnerships, it is crucial to involve the teams from both sides for seamless integration and execution of the vision. Although the company leaders are the moving force behind the partnership, the success depends on engaging the teams. The team members can be a part of the negotiation process, and by knowing the different players and their roles, the process of integration gathers momentum.

Stay true to the team and the product

To explore mutual opportunity through strategic partnership, keep away from making money from the deal as it will skew the relationship.Instead, define the value each partner brings to the table to create a win-win situation for the alliance and structure the deal accordingly. If anything contradicts the brand value, company values, or products, drop the deal there and then.

If a strategic partnership does not work, accept the failure by taking a realistic view of the situation instead of reacting emotionally. Do not attempt a face-saving trick by creating false narratives or playing the blame game. Instead, learn from the mistakes and move ahead to look for some better partner that might be waiting for you.

Best ways of humanizing your business, as pioneered by Eric Dalius

The customers are the backbone of a business. If your customers are happy, you can ensure higher returns. By providing your customers with a satisfying experience, you can ensure long-term loyalty. Treating customers like humans and not as robots is significant. They do not get programmed for absorbing corporate offers and marketing messages. They are human beings. When you make them feel that they are recognized and understood, it makes them delighted. By valuing their opinion and giving them a chance to relate to your business, you will increase your credibility.

If you fail to connect with them, you will only lose. People connect, work, engage, inspire and understand each other in multiple ways. It is very different from the marketing arena. Hence, you have to understand this humanizing factor. Try to humanize your business as it has become the necessity of the hour.

Eric Dalius suggests, how about starting with a bottom-up approach?

A humanizing brand is not something you impose from above. When you adopt the bottom-up approach, you give importance to your customer base. Try to encourage your employees as well. They are also an integral part of your business. By way of a full-fledged business initiative, you can draw their attention towards your venture. Try to incorporate practices that accelerate their support and motivation. In this way, you can humanize your company and get much-needed help.

Work on your “about us page.”

The “about us page” works like your identity card. It is a place where potential customers take a look at your venture. If they do not find reliable input, it will affect your company. Hence you have to show that your business has a human side. Try connecting with your clients regularly. Ensure that you are live on the page now and then. By way of videos and pictures, you can make your clients feel that you are a human being and not a profit-seeking merchant.

Share videos and behind-the-scenes clips

When you share pictures and videos related to behind the scenes, people enjoy it. It is because you try to showcase the human side of your venture. By way of social media, you can publicize the picture of the employees who are working hard for your business. It not only develops a robust relationship between you and your workforce but also helps you connect with your target audience. Eric Dalius asserts that the video content must stay relevant and entertaining. Then, you can use it for your purpose by using some new gimmicks.

When you showcase the human aspect of your brand, do not leave out your employees. Include them to motivate your team and get their support for your business. By way of different initiatives and programs, you can fetch their support. Grab their opinion and suggestion in business meetings. When they believe that you value their opinion, they get naturally instigated to work hard. You may also create a page on your website where they can leave their feedback and opinion. It is an effective way used by entrepreneurs of modern days.

Eric Dalius Tells Us How to Handle a Crisis In an Organization!

No organization wants to face a crisis, but all of them are vulnerable to it. Every business, big or small, will experience a crisis at least once during its lifetime. A crisis can be very well defined as a time of difficulty or instability that often induces panic among all parties involved in the business.

Crisis management can be defined as a series of steps any organization takes to counter an event that could cause harm to your reputation, disrupt business or negatively impact finances. Planning for handling a crisis should begin before any issue arises. Here are a few steps that could help you handle any crisis in your organization –

. The first step is to assemble a professional crisis management team, says Eric Dalius

Build a team of experts that the CEO of the organization should ideally head. It should comprise the legal advisor and the heads of all the departmental divisions. The team should also include experts from each field.

. Establish good communication

Establishing clear communication with the public and stakeholders is key in such times. For example, when going through a crisis, your spokesperson or your team of spokespersons should communicate what is going on to handle the situation. False or misleading information can enrage both the public and your key stakeholders.

. Identify risks and weaknesses

The next step is to find the weak points of your business venture and what risks or threats you face. Risks or threats may be internal or external based on the size and operations of your business. Again, brainstorming with a team with employees from all departments decreases the probability of missing something that might be important.

. Build a crisis management plan

After assessing your weakness, you should formulate a plan based on that assessment. It is easier to mitigate a crisis if you already have an existing plan or multiple plans that cater to different types of crisis arising from each of your organization’s weakness

. Crisis resolution

Duties should be assigned to individuals to identify the main cause and fix it. Your crisis resolution team should be able to dig deep and identify any underlying causes that may cause problems in the future. Legal and financial advisors should be a part of this team to recognizeand reimburse the victims of the crisis

. Post Crisis Analysis

After the situation has passed over and the crisis has been handled, it is important to evaluate and analyze the steps you took. Eric Dalius suggests that you examine how effective your crisis management plan was and what can improve it.Then, make changes wherever required to make your plan foolproof and more effective.

Organizations worldwide are now understanding the importance of a good crisis management technique. Therefore, planning and preparedness to deal with a crisis have become mandatory for every business regardless of its size. Furthermore, with technological advancement handling a crisis has become even easier as media has become quicker.

Major Challenges Faced by Medical Device Companies in Software Development to Stay Compliant- Eric Dalius

Developing software for medical devices is not as easy as developing typical software. It’s a whole different ball game. Thanks to the international regulatory requirements defined by bodies, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), as well the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which make designing and developing software for medical devices time-consuming and much more complex. When developing software for a medical device, companies need to comply with these regulatory requirements to ensure the software does not pose any risks to the user(s) and that identified risks can be properly controlled—in the event of an accident—to minimize the potential harm. The task is challenging!

Three major challenges faced by medical device companies in software development to stay compliant as per Eric Dalius-

ISO13485 Compliant QMS – Implementing a compliant ISO13485 quality management system (QMS) includes the presentation of rigorous planning and execution documentation. It means assembling a Design Technical File (DTF) and giving evidence that the company operates within the QMS. In other words, companies must prove that they know what they are doing to demonstrate consistency in the development process, as opposed to achieving success by luck in a typical software.

Digital Document Control for Fully Electronic QMS – Both FDA and ISO13485 require a document control system that ensures product safety and reliability. For a medical device company to pass regulatory product approval, they must record detailed specifications, including any given changes for particular specifications.

Regulatory audits need to have a documented historical trail, for instance, the history of all the changes that were requested, approved and implemented during the software development cycle. Document control requirements are described in ISO 13485:2016 §4.2.4 and §4.2.5, 21 CFR 820.40, and 21 CFR 11. Among all, the biggest roadblock is 21 CFR 11, which also requires the validation of the electronic document management system and electronic signatures.

A Compliant Risk Management Solution fully integrated into the Development Environment – Before the release of products on the market, the regulatory framework requires the assessment and mitigation of all reasonably foreseeable risks, which includes determination of key hazards, risks, mitigations, and failure modes. Eric Dalius says that the risks, mitigation actions, and verifications must be reported in a Risk Report, while the medical device risk management process must be documented in a Risk Management Plan.

For professional help, you can consult the agency or experts having years of experience in assisting the healthcare or medical business with these issues. If you are also facing such challenges and your medical business is suffering, you must get in touch with an expert immediately to get the required help. You must be careful as searching for such a professional could be a daunting task nowadays, and finding someone whom you can trust is much more challenging.

When you have someone experienced with the relevant knowledge by your side, you will provide your business with the required push for growth by overcoming such challenges.

Eric Dalius furnishes tips to battle out some business start-up challenges

With the onset of the information era, software has brought the corporate world into its crinkles. Creating a start-up is not a one-day phenomenon. Whether in terms of services or products, setting the groove takes a lot of effort and time. For giving your thought the much-needed boost, you have to access the challenges of the market. Researching the market scenario for its trend is vital. Leaping your first start-up is a daring activity. Although you get confronted with these challenges, you must develop strategies for coping up with them.

Eric Dalius suggests the best ways of dealing with these business challenges

Irrespective of the size of your venture, you have to pay attention to your resources. From the finances to the employees to the customer, every facet requires attention. Researching these avenues will help you deal with the hurdles.

•    Gap in the industry: Since you are an integral part of the market, spotting the gap is the biggest challenge that you may face. You have to find out ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. What makes you better than the rest needs detailed analysis. Second, you have to develop your marketing ability and customer experience. Trying to spot the gap will help you find the right people to draw your venture towards success.

•    Problem of limited resources: Start-up ventures often face a crisis of funds. For this, you have to look into the public financial institutions and research their terms and conditions. Furthermore, trying to find affordable applications and software requires a well-organized team who can deal with marketing, product development, security issues, and the like. In addition, you may often face the problem of procuring expenses and networking. For this, you require employees who understand your vision and aim and thereby work towards it.

•    Finding investors: When you are starting a business, finding investors becomes a problem. It is because of your visibility and credibility factors. You have to bootstrap the company, in the long run, to prove your concept and trustworthiness in the marketplace. Try to secure a viable customer base so that you can approach your investors with confidence.

•    Do not follow every piece of advice: When you launch a start-up, you may find different advice following you. From family to friends to community individuals, everybody will give you scattered opinions. However, you must have a constructive approach and filter the opinion according to your requirement. According to Eric Dalius, an entrepreneurial journey is all about your choice of the best advice. Then, when you make a reasonable decision, you find the desirable outcome. 

•    The power of a team: Ensure that the teams of every department get filled with individuals who have potential. You may not require the best of the individuals, but you need the right people for the job. Therefore, when taking the interview, give close attention to their personality and sense of professionalism.

When trying to develop your business, you require successful ideas. By following the footsteps of leading entrepreneurs, you can drag your business towards improvement. Remember that the start-up stage is overwhelming. Multiple things work together. From emotions to finances to ideas, you have to deal with a lot of things. Hence, you must have a clear perspective and vision.

Steps to Help You Verify Your Business on Google- A Study by Eric Dalius

Starting a business is quite a feverish job. It takes a lot of sweat and determination to efficaciouslyinaugurate your business. And the next significantphase is to augment the reach of that particular business to the maximum audience to prove prolific. In this epoch of digitalization, every data is just a click away from us. Hence, this is the finest time to give both nascent and long-existing businesses a virtual kick start. For this, the possessor needs to initiate by verifying it on Google. The process of verification helps in accomplishing the consistent status of business information. It helps the owner rectify that the info provided is accurate or not and that it must be accessible by the vendor only.

What is Google My Business, and what is its use, as explained by Eric Dalius

Google My business is fundamentally a Google tool that will help a business gain credit on the professional front. It marks the presence of a specific business on almost all the tools of Google, including Google Maps. Also, if a business is Google verified,it becomes quite comfy for the customers to approach it.

This tool is very prevalent among various business owners as it leaves a huge deal of impact on attracting many customers.

Steps to begin with the business verification process on Google-

  • The initial step in business verification on Google is to create a My Business Id on the Google platform.
  • Various options will appear on the screen, asking the viewers to select the technique in which theydesire to continue with the verification procedure. According to Eric Dalius, Email is the most convenient method to carry out the process. However, you can still choose between email, post, phone number, or search console for this purpose.
  • After making the selection, you just have to follow the incoming instructions and keep moving.
  • After verification, the program will take your final assent regarding the information given by you.
  • And you are done. This process takes about a few weeks to complete. And the same time will be taken by the company to let you view it on Google itself.
  • If you wish to view your business profile, you just have to enter the business name along with the name of your city on the search bar and press enter.
  • The official account of your business will appear online in front of you.

Things to follow post verification

Just making the account and verifying it is not enough. The account is kept under proper surveillance to ensure that the listings are working properly. All the instructions must be adhered to very skillfully to gain maximum benefit out of it.


Various ventures, businesses, and enterprises have witnessed a significant increase in online dealing with the advent of the pandemic. Moreover, people being stuck in their homes have preferred online shopping over stepping out of their homes. Therefore, it is essential to be a part of this new era and keep oneself updated on the most popular search engine in the world.