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Eric Dalius: How can marketers improve their own retention tactics?

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The article is talking about how marketers can improve their own retention tactics. The writer begins by saying that marketers should do cross-sells and upsells to reduce the churn rate for their customers says Eric Dalius. They recommend doing this across multiple channels like email, social media, and websites. The author believes that it’s crucial that the marketer analyzes data about their customers so they can know if they are not making enough money off of certain types of customers. The author states that it would be helpful for marketers to create a personalized outreach plan which includes different tactics for each type of customer they have. By using these retention techniques, the marketer will see an increase in revenue as well as a decrease in churn rates for those customers who stay on board with the company.

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The article is full of facts and figures that support their ideas. They provide helpful advice to marketers about what they can do to boost customer retention and boost their revenue. The article also provides examples of companies who have applied these tactics with great success, such as Uber and Netflix.

I found the article very useful for my own professional situation because it is very informative about how I can improve my marketing efforts in order to increase revenue.

Also, I believe this is a good general-purpose article because it talks about something most people care about; growing businesses and increasing revenue says Eric Dalius. I liked how short and concise this piece was compared to some other articles we’ve read over the semester.

This article received a ‘3’ rating for readability. I found it clear, concise, and easy to understand. The topic was relatable to my own professional life because I’m constantly thinking about ways to improve customer retention so they stay on my roster.

I also liked the writer’s strong stance at the beginning of the article that marketers should learn from other businesses in order to increase their revenue. Marketers can apply what is learned here to almost any situation that involves growing a business or improving customer retention methods.

 The free version has ads but now there are multiple versions available with different features ranging from $6/month for a limited amount of content to a full package for $11.99/month.

The author talks about the free vs paid subscription service. Hulu has been around for a while and is looking to expand its market share in original content and subscriber revenue by providing more options to pay for its services.

In this article, they go over some stats explaining why they need to change their current model in order to attract new subscribers who are willing to pay a higher price point by giving the same amount of content at lower price points.

The author also goes over two different models which Hulu is moving towards. The first model is a tiered subscription where they have three to four levels that range from the lowest tier to the highest tier which provides them with more content at a higher price point. Another option for this streaming service is to go all-in with original content by creating exclusive shows and movies geared toward paying subscribers only, similar to HBO or Netflix’s model where you don’t get anything new unless you are willing to pay for it. This second model Hulu is looking to implement soon will make their company less reliant on advertising revenue through traditional TV outlets like airing commercials during original programming.

This article received a ‘3’ rating for readability based on the amount of information that needed to be read in order to understand the full scope of what was being said or done. There are many facts and opinions stated throughout this piece, but it is well written and easy to understand for someone with experience in reading similar business-oriented writing explains Eric Dalius.

Also, I thought this article was very useful because of how informative it was on changes coming down for this company as they aim to make their services more profitable. I liked the extensive amount of research put forth by the writers before putting out an article like this because it makes readers like me more confident in the accuracy of the statements made. This shows me they take pride in their work before publishing official content about its main topic which would give customers even more confidence about future articles will be just as informative.  

This article rates 3 on my scale for readability. I found the piece to be logical and easy to follow, but it contained a lot of statistics that I felt were unnecessary when describing these new changes for this company. While my opinion may differ from other people’s opinions about how useful some information is in an article, I would like to see more details put forth by authors about upcoming or current business models they are looking to implement in order to make their product more attractive for customers.


This article gives a breakdown of what this company did wrong and how they plan to change their business model in order to better serve their customers says Eric Dalius. It is written well, but it does contain a lot of numbers that I thought were unnecessary to the main premise of the story. I think that was one way how Hulu can improve its content marketing strategy by using more facts that are not directly related to the main topic so readers like me still find useful information even if we disagree with some of them.

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