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What is a Music Discovery Platform?

What is a Music Discovery Platform

When listening to our favorite music, many forget just how amazing it can be to stray from our favorite genres and bands and discover new kinds of music. However, thanks to the internet, we’ll never run out of new music, bands, and albums to listen to every day.

A music discovery platform can be exactly the tool you need to help you find new and interesting music. For those who don’t know, a music discovery platform is an online tool, website, or app that can help you ‘discover’ new and interesting music outside your usual style.

Starting in 2013, several online tools and discovery platforms started cropping up. Many of these platforms made you personalized playlists and helped expand your music tastes.

Let’s look at some music discovery platforms that you can use today to expand your taste in music and discover all new genres, bands, musicians, and albums.

Spotify Discover Weekly

We’re sure everyone who likes music has heard of the Spotify app. But have you been making use of Spotify’s Discover Weekly feature? This feature uses algorithms to find new music based on what you’ve previously been listening to. However, this feature is more accurate when you use Spotify to listen to music instead of any streaming service or app.


While not actually a music discovery app, TikTok has been responsible for giving many artists and songs a second life recently. As a result, many lesser-known or older music is returning to the spotlight. Apps like Spotify and Pandora even have specific TikTok-based playlists now.

Indie Shuffle

Indie Shuffle is a popular music discovery website that has been around for a few years now. It is more community based in that you can submit different tracks you enjoy on the website, and then different music enthusiasts can recommend new music to you that they think you might enjoy. The website also has writers on their team that write context for different music tracks.


Pandora is a music discovery app that has been around for many years and always comes out with new and innovative updates. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, think of it as an online radio station. You can enter an artist whose music you enjoy, and the app will present similar music by other artists. is a website for music lovers. The site considers the kind of music you listen to and makes some great recommendations for new music. It also allows you to create playlists and libraries of the new music you discover so that you don’t lose any of the discoveries.

We can’t wait to try out all of these different music discovery platforms to discover new and fun music that we might not have tried before. There is so much music in the world waiting to be heard, and we’re excited to hear it all.

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