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The 6 Most Popular Web3 Music Companies You Should Know About

The 6 Most Popular Web3 Music Companies You Should Know About

The music industry has always been a difficult one to break into. Artists have to spend years perfecting their craft and hope they’re lucky enough to be discovered by a record label.

However, the industry is changing with the rise of web3 music companies.

These companies are helping artists thrive by giving them more control over their songs and introducing new ways of sharing, buying, and collecting music.

Here are the six most popular web3 music companies you should know about.

The 6 Most Popular Web3 Music Companies

1.   Audius

This audio streaming platform invites music artists, DJs, and producers to upload high-quality music for free. Several music lovers have joined the platform in anticipation of discovering new and exclusive music and sharing their favorite songs with friends to earn $AUDIO token rewards.

As a musician, whether signed to a label or not, you can share your songs in progress, upload completed tracks, build a fan base, and earn all in one place.   

2.   Musicoin

Built on the $MUSIC blockchain, this streaming platform enables people to create, consume, and distribute songs without a subscription or ad model. Users can listen to music tracks for free. 

For musicians, Musicoin guarantees immediate payments via the in-platform token. This means you don’t have to worry about third parties. More importantly, you’ll get 100% of the streaming revenue!

3.   Glass

This video music platform allows musicians to stream and mint their song videos as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Music fans and NFT collectors can own these, leading to further monetization for the artists.  

Once a user purchases a video, 80% of the profit goes to the creator, and the platform keeps the remaining.

4.   Mint Songs

This music NFT marketplace is based on Polygon and Ethereum blockchain. It was designed to encourage music artists to turn their songs and album artworks into NFTs at no cost and sell them to their fans. You can also give them to the community for free if you like.

5.   Royal

3LAU established this web3 music company to enable people to invest in their favorite music and share royalties with the artist.

As a musician, you can choose the percentage of royalties when listing a song for sale.

6.   Stage11

Reimagining digital music in the web3 space, Stage11 provides a platform for artists to create mixed reality performances to engage the audience and build a loyal fan base. It has collaborated with top names like David Guetta to turn its vision into reality.

Additionally, the platform is committed to helping musicians and brands carve their spaces in the ever-evolving AR and gaming metaverse spaces.  

Final Thoughts

With the rise of web3 music companies, artists can now thrive and make a living off their music like never before. These platforms are changing how fans interact with and consume music while providing new opportunities for musicians to get their music out there.

Furthermore, blockchain technology ensuring artists get paid fairly (and quickly) for their work will help create a more sustainable music industry.

As it becomes increasingly important for forward-thinking artists to stay updated on the latest developments in the web3 music landscape, joining the platforms above can be a good first step.

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