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Using E-Learning to Support Music Education

Using E-Learning to Support Music Education

In the past, if you wanted to learn to play an instrument, you had to leave after supper to make the trip to the teacher’s house for a lesson. On a chilly winter evening, it could be difficult and frustrating to drag out, especially for young kids.

Then e-learning appeared and has developed steadily to the point where many people claim they prefer it. You can now choose between learning from an application, an online course with other people, a pre-recorded lesson, or a live teacher in a one-on-one Zoom class. Everything is accessible, and the advantages are surprisingly plentiful.

The Benefits of E-Learning for Music Education

1)   Cost and Time Savings

Weekly lessons tend to be quite expensive. It also requires time and money to get there and back, buy books and other equipment, and pay for fuel. Even traveling by public transportation can be quite expensive and immensely time-consuming.

You can save both time and money using eLearning. You might still need to purchase some books or music, and even then, you can buy a lot of stuff online and print it out to avoid having to go to a store or pay for shipping.

Real-time input has been the one thing that’s been missing up until now. When you play incorrectly in a one-on-one lesson, the instructor has the option to interrupt you right away. However, even this issue has been resolved thanks to live online classes and apps that employ AI to listen to what you’re playing in real time.

2)   Greater Flexibility

E-learning allows you to take a lesson whenever you want. Generally, online courses offer a number of pre-recorded lessons that you can attend at your convenience. If you are a morning owl, you can take your lessons at 6 AM. Night-owl students, meanwhile, can get cracking in or around midnight.

 Of course, this benefit may not be available to you if you are taking one-to-one online lessons with a teacher.

3)   Choice of Teacher

Before technology, your only choice would have been to visit a nearby teacher. Your options would be particularly constrained if you lived in the rural area.   Now that the globe is accessible, your chances of finding the ideal teacher who genuinely inspires you have increased.

Despite living in Kansas, you may travel to New York to take a class with a renowned instructor. Or, even though you’re in Australia, you could take a lesson from someone in Paris. Naturally, taking into account the time difference, it is a realistic possibility and is currently occurring.

Wrapping Up

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to great advancements in online learning. At first, a large majority of students and teachers were quite resistant to eLearning. However, as time went on, many of them acquired the necessary skills and are now succeeding greatly.

We cannot know for sure at this point, but it appears that this acclimatization will propel us all to a far greater level of e-learning than ever before.

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