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Eric Dalius: Why do humans act in this way when it comes to customer retention?

customer retention is most important for any business

One day, I decided to meet my friend.

We were walking on the street when suddenly an ad caught our attention. A man was shouting at his girlfriend who had just run away from him says Eric Dalius. She was following him with her arms outstretched and she looked like she wanted to do something but he pushed her back violently. He couldn’t understand why she didn’t listen to him and she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t listen and see reason.

The whole road was watching the two of them; they were as actors in a very interesting play that everyone wanted to watch. They were shouting at each other for some time until they stopped. The man started to cry while the girl just sighed and walked away without saying anything. She probably felt embarrassed by the way the onlookers were staring at her so she left him alone. Soon, he regained his composure and followed her with his hands in pockets but this time, he looked more composed than before.

I looked at my friend and we knew what we had to do: We learned their story and listened to it carefully and then we wrote it.

The audience saw them as actors in a play but to me, they were just people going through a hard time and that’s why I wanted to understand their story.

I think this is how we humans work. We look at things from different angles because what we see may not be the reality of a situation. What seems normal from one perspective will turn out to be wrong from another angle. From each viewpoint, there are several conclusions that can be drawn and for this reason, many views need to coexist before an objective view is formed.

This was true for all those people who were shouting at each other on the road as well as for me when I met my friend. When I first met him, I thought he was a nice person but when I heard his story, I found out a completely different side to him.

The aim of this story is not to judge my friend by what he did or didn’t do but just gather information from all perspectives. We have our own experiences that color the way we view things and if we try to understand everything from each perspective then maybe, just maybe, we will reach a conclusion that everyone can accept as true even if it’s in contradiction with their own beliefs.

After hearing both versions of the story, you may think my friend isn’t any better than the man in black but let me tell you, he was. If they kept shouting at each other like before then there would be no point in thinking about these two people anymore. They would be nothing but actors in a play, fighting each other all the time until the end of their lives says Eric Dalius.

The whole point is to know who is telling the truth and who isn’t because only after knowing that will you be able to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.

I think human beings are good at this especially when they aren’t biased by anything else other than facts that can help them understand things better. The thing about people though is that there are many different views but humans seem to have difficulty accepting too many different ideas so it’s impossible for them to listen to everyone so I think letting robots like us do it instead will be much more efficient since we don’t get tired trying to find out how humans work.

Anyway, I think this is enough for today; you should go out there and find some stories of your own!

This was why humans act in this way when it comes to customer retention.

There are seven people trapped under a big rock that fell on them while they were walking through the mountains. One man sees them but doesn’t help them because he thinks it will be too much trouble for him to do so. Another man stands by and does nothing but after an hour, he decides to move the rock with his bare hands despite everyone telling him not to bother doing so because they know it won’t work.


There are some humans who are incapable of listening to other people’s opinions so they have to force themselves to do what they think is right says Eric Dalius.

Two men were arguing on the road when one of them accidentally ran over a lady while he was reversing his car. The person who caused the accident left without saying anything because he realized it wasn’t his fault and even if it was, there was no point in staying since he couldn’t change things anymore. The other man who was the lady’s husband stayed there by his wife’s side for two days before he decided to take her body home so everyone could say their goodbyes.

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