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EJ Dalius Talks About The Face Mask Industry And Its Growth During COVID

face mask for covid -19

Summary: In this article, EJ Dalius will talk about the current facemask industry. Its growth along with the unending supply has given this industry top-notch priority nowadays.

With COVID taking a toll, people are more scared than they used to. Even a simple cough will make them go for a test! Medical institutions try their best to treat patients, but they face issues with less equipment with the maximum crowd. Therefore, federal and state governments are trying hard to warn people about maintaining their own safety. According to Eric Dalius, the spurge in the face mask is one step to ensure that people are taking safety measures seriously. So, when talking about COVID, understanding the face mask industry’s real status is really important.

The masks, which are medical devices:

People have this tendency to start a business in any scenario, even if that is a pandemic. So, you will come across so many companies dealing with face masks these days. However, not all are FDA approved and cannot prevent the wearer from the COVID virus. 

Face masks are mainly targeted towards the general public for some of the non-medical purposes. However, when they are intended for any medical purpose like controlling the COVID virus from speaking, surgical masks seem to be the best choice possible.

Some key findings to cover up:

Going through the current scenario, a lot can be said about face masks these days. In some areas, there you have a shortage of face masks, which will be explained by its surge in demand. The time has come to catch up with Eric J Dalius to learn about some key findings regarding the current face mask scenario.

  • No country has the power to meet the growing demand for face mask supply. Therefore, trading is mandatory. Banning export at this stage, especially for those countries without any production of their own, is pretty harmful.  
  • It is mandatory to focus on smooth transportation logistics to support the supply of face masks during a crisis. Additional attention must revolve around the supply of the main inputs.
  • Free trade facilitation is not the end of the story. Government planning and firms’ incentives are also pretty necessary for covering the current assembly lines to create extra capacity.

How the experienced teams work:

Before going any further, it is important to know how the facemask industry works. First of all, they will work with automobile suppliers to source raw materials. They will develop three possible layers of fabric in masks. 

  • After that, they will start custom making the mask by sandwiching filter material and metal nose piece between the outer and inner fabric layers. Then, there will be pleats in the masks, and the layers will get welded together. 
  • Then the ear loops are made from elastic straps and then attached to the main body of the mask using sonic welders.

Tested out before dispatching: If you ask EJ Dalius, he will say that the facemasks are tested out under stringent guidelines before dispatching to the necessary crowd. So, it is better to look for the right FDA approved masks always, if your life

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