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EJ Dalius Talks About Better Post-Pandemic Health Care Along With Its Current Business Standing


Summary: Before you get to the core of COVID 19, there are some post-pandemic health care to take care about. Experts like EJ Dalius are here to talk about it.

With COVID taking a toll, not everyone is having a good day. Thousands and thousands of people are getting infected on a daily basis, with a rising death toll as well. According to Eric Dalius, it will take scientists and researchers some more months before they can actually come across a vaccine, even after working day and night.

So, the only solution to stay safe is by maintaining some of the healthcare routines that doctors ask you to. Even the healthcare business is flourishing, but you must know that post-pandemic health care is really important.

More serious about the evidence-based care routine:

There is always urgency these days to find out ways to treat this pandemic. Its higher mortality rate these days has actually increased interest in some pre-prints of articles. These articles talk about the treatments, along with some potential vaccines for diseases. Some talk about enrolling patients in some clinical trials, and others are moving more towards adopting new treatments. 

It will lead to some of the global data sets in upcoming times. There will be a proficient integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence in some major specialty areas like diagnostic medicine, radiology, and more.

Future of health care:

There will be loads of changes in the healthcare business post-pandemic, according to experts like Eric J Dalius and these things are already visible. Let’s find out some of those changes first.

  • The nursing homes will have some of the semi-private rooms. It helps in creating a perfect bottleneck for admissions. The services are more or less similar to that of assisted living communities.
  • Some medical experts have already declared to be using telehealth as much as they can. Tele-health is performed by a primary care doctor.
  • For those suffering from COVID, isolation is a must. But just to make them feel happy, there will be activities in small groups to keep them engaged for a long time. The areas will be thoroughly sanitized.

Recommended actions before the pandemic hits you:

Everyone wants to keep a safe distance from COVID, and the reasons are obvious. There needs to be proper planning and coordination in the health care sector to take complete care of their patients. The goal here is to offer leadership across multiple sectors of the health care unit. One major point is integrating the pandemic preparedness into some of the emergency frameworks.

Situation monitoring is important:

For the healthcare sector, situation assessment and monitoring are pretty important. As per EJ Dalius, it helps in collecting, interpreting, and even disseminating information associated with the risk of the pandemic before it takes place. Even here, the main goal is to monitor the current pandemic activities and their characteristics. 

Choose to work hand in hand:

For the healthcare industry, there is no secondary option, but to work hand in hand with one another. Together they can actually curb the growth of COVID-19 and ensure a better future for the people. Doctors are always there on call to help patients out!

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