EJ Dalius Talks About The Face Mask Industry And Its Growth During COVID

Summary: In this article, EJ Dalius will talk about the current facemask industry. Its growth along with the unending supply has given this industry top-notch priority nowadays.

With COVID taking a toll, people are more scared than they used to. Even a simple cough will make them go for a test! Medical institutions try their best to treat patients, but they face issues with less equipment with the maximum crowd. Therefore, federal and state governments are trying hard to warn people about maintaining their own safety. According to Eric Dalius, the spurge in the face mask is one step to ensure that people are taking safety measures seriously. So, when talking about COVID, understanding the face mask industry’s real status is really important.

The masks, which are medical devices:

People have this tendency to start a business in any scenario, even if that is a pandemic. So, you will come across so many companies dealing with face masks these days. However, not all are FDA approved and cannot prevent the wearer from the COVID virus. 

Face masks are mainly targeted towards the general public for some of the non-medical purposes. However, when they are intended for any medical purpose like controlling the COVID virus from speaking, surgical masks seem to be the best choice possible.

Some key findings to cover up:

Going through the current scenario, a lot can be said about face masks these days. In some areas, there you have a shortage of face masks, which will be explained by its surge in demand. The time has come to catch up with Eric J Dalius to learn about some key findings regarding the current face mask scenario.

  • No country has the power to meet the growing demand for face mask supply. Therefore, trading is mandatory. Banning export at this stage, especially for those countries without any production of their own, is pretty harmful.  
  • It is mandatory to focus on smooth transportation logistics to support the supply of face masks during a crisis. Additional attention must revolve around the supply of the main inputs.
  • Free trade facilitation is not the end of the story. Government planning and firms’ incentives are also pretty necessary for covering the current assembly lines to create extra capacity.

How the experienced teams work:

Before going any further, it is important to know how the facemask industry works. First of all, they will work with automobile suppliers to source raw materials. They will develop three possible layers of fabric in masks. 

  • After that, they will start custom making the mask by sandwiching filter material and metal nose piece between the outer and inner fabric layers. Then, there will be pleats in the masks, and the layers will get welded together. 
  • Then the ear loops are made from elastic straps and then attached to the main body of the mask using sonic welders.

Tested out before dispatching: If you ask EJ Dalius, he will say that the facemasks are tested out under stringent guidelines before dispatching to the necessary crowd. So, it is better to look for the right FDA approved masks always, if your life

EJ Dalius Talks About Better Post-Pandemic Health Care Along With Its Current Business Standing

Summary: Before you get to the core of COVID 19, there are some post-pandemic health care to take care about. Experts like EJ Dalius are here to talk about it.

With COVID taking a toll, not everyone is having a good day. Thousands and thousands of people are getting infected on a daily basis, with a rising death toll as well. According to Eric Dalius, it will take scientists and researchers some more months before they can actually come across a vaccine, even after working day and night.

So, the only solution to stay safe is by maintaining some of the healthcare routines that doctors ask you to. Even the healthcare business is flourishing, but you must know that post-pandemic health care is really important.

More serious about the evidence-based care routine:

There is always urgency these days to find out ways to treat this pandemic. Its higher mortality rate these days has actually increased interest in some pre-prints of articles. These articles talk about the treatments, along with some potential vaccines for diseases. Some talk about enrolling patients in some clinical trials, and others are moving more towards adopting new treatments. 

It will lead to some of the global data sets in upcoming times. There will be a proficient integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence in some major specialty areas like diagnostic medicine, radiology, and more.

Future of health care:

There will be loads of changes in the healthcare business post-pandemic, according to experts like Eric J Dalius and these things are already visible. Let’s find out some of those changes first.

  • The nursing homes will have some of the semi-private rooms. It helps in creating a perfect bottleneck for admissions. The services are more or less similar to that of assisted living communities.
  • Some medical experts have already declared to be using telehealth as much as they can. Tele-health is performed by a primary care doctor.
  • For those suffering from COVID, isolation is a must. But just to make them feel happy, there will be activities in small groups to keep them engaged for a long time. The areas will be thoroughly sanitized.

Recommended actions before the pandemic hits you:

Everyone wants to keep a safe distance from COVID, and the reasons are obvious. There needs to be proper planning and coordination in the health care sector to take complete care of their patients. The goal here is to offer leadership across multiple sectors of the health care unit. One major point is integrating the pandemic preparedness into some of the emergency frameworks.

Situation monitoring is important:

For the healthcare sector, situation assessment and monitoring are pretty important. As per EJ Dalius, it helps in collecting, interpreting, and even disseminating information associated with the risk of the pandemic before it takes place. Even here, the main goal is to monitor the current pandemic activities and their characteristics. 

Choose to work hand in hand:

For the healthcare industry, there is no secondary option, but to work hand in hand with one another. Together they can actually curb the growth of COVID-19 and ensure a better future for the people. Doctors are always there on call to help patients out!

EJ Dalius shows the best pathway and measures for small businesses amid and post Covid 19

Summary: In the aftermath of Covid 19, one pivotal aspect that has surfaces is the pivot of support. Support to customers, small businesses, and each community.

Both small and large businesses should and are supporting and responding to each others’ problems in the pandemic. In the wake of the virus outbreak, this can make a huge difference. Corporates are putting a greater emphasis on local communities. With a greater focus on health, every business thrives on and is about health now.

Big firms need to support small ones. It goes beyond saying that small businesses form the fulcrum of the economy. By creating 66% of new jobs, small businesses propel competitiveness and innovation in the USA. They account for 45% of the country’s GDP.

  • Brilliant initiatives like GoDaddy’s OpenWestand helps small business owners and entrepreneurs collaborate with one another and find the requisite resources to run their operations.
  • In addition to articles, special offers, and videos in the site, dedicated LinkedIn groups are also helping in the mix.
  • GoDaddy provides free access to its websites and email marketing tools for free. This noble initiative has propelled giants like Slack, Salesforce, PayPal and American Express to extend unconditional support to small businesses in rough waters.
  • SendPro online is another awesome initiative, helping small businesses in easy shipping and mailing of packages, and printing postages, even when you’re working remotely.
  • Eric Dalius lauds this effort to provide meter customers free access to services.

Preparedness and precaution

For a small business, as Eric J Dalius elaborates, the most first thing is to reassess your business strategy. For business owners, the initial stage may have yielded great outcomes before Covid-19, but you need fine-tuning and modifications to come out of it.

  • You need to emphasize on how your business can adapt to the new normal. If you had a reactive stance in the past, you need to become more proactive and responsive to concretize your hold in a vulnerable and unpredictable market.
  • A digital platform and expansion is imperative to tap a larger stream of audience. Not for nothing are giant online stores partnering with thousands of small stores, propelling deliveries and their downtimes.
  • For any organization, big or small, employees are a must. Due to the ongoing uncertainty, susceptibility, and enormous insecurity, your workforce can be very anxious and rattled.
  • Effective and clear communication is pivotal, and most importantly, you need to inform your staff about new business modalities, policies and transitions.
  • Work in a balanced and streamlined manner. Each employee,vendor and staff need to know about their short-term or long-term contract/s or/and permanent payroll.

Responsibility holds the key

As EJ Dalius says, responsible businesses have a big role to play because the WHO, central banks and US government cannot defeat the virus alone. Its mammoth private sector needs to play a crucial role.

As firms respond to coronavirus, business leaders and organizations that back moral and noble initiatives with pragmatic action and approach are surely going to stand out. It shows when The White House requested Walmart and the corporate world to assist in drive-thru awareness and testing.

So, humane and responsible capitalism, which goes beyond typical shareholder hullabaloo and primacy, and vulturous corporate credence, need to come together and help bolster the supply chains and markets of small vendors.

EJ Dalius outlines the top changes and trends for the healthcare sector post pandemic

Summary: Although 2020 is an unforgiving and relentless year, it’s surely the transformational phase for the US healthcare sector. With a dwindling global GDP, the country’s healthcare revenue will not cross $2 trillion.

As the healthcare industry adopts medical manufacturing alternatives from non-traditional folds like defense and auto industries, there’s a greater emphasis on digital technology. Digital interfaces are growing for remote teleconsultations and patient monitoring. It includes both non-emergency and elective medical consultations.

  • Healthcare facilities are using digital equipment to trace contacts and make epidemiological predictions for covid progression.
  • Some prominent digital tech adoptions are AI-based CT scan analysis and X-ray, telemedicine, and seamless contact tracing through Apple and Google AI.
  • AI is the immediate future of healthcare business. It has been predicting the vulnerability to lung maalises, especially in Covid-19 patients with exceptional accuracy.
  • Additionally, hospitals are using AI to navigate millions of crucial data points for underlining or predicting existing drugs for the repurposing of covid treatment.
  • Prominent in-vitro diagnostic companies are leading the charge in producing pivotal Covid diagnostic equipment and testing kits, along with great drug-delivery tools.

With instructions from the Federal Government, the healthcare business and medical technology unit has partnered premier medical device manufacturers to create innovative solutions.

The industry needs to primarily knit both long and short-term goals by reframing its R&D directives, staffing requisites, business strategy, and projects to ameliorate the changes in the wake of the pandemic.

Some noteworthy trends

Premier healthcare market and business analyst Eric Dalius opines that although the life sciences field will survive and thrive post Covid-19, in select avenues, medical imaging and technology will suffer incurable losses.

  • Medical facilities are procrastinating, prolonging or stalling the purchase of capital equipment, which will surely have an adverse impact on net revenue.
  • While the immediate demand for virus testing and the vaccine rush rises, the government is re-allocating and modifying budgets to revamp healthcare services.
  • With the current pace and collaborations, the USA will have an excess of at least 100,00 ventilators at the twilight of 2020. Western Europe, on the other hand, may procure another 30,000-50,000 ventilators.
  • Going into the new year, Eric J Dalius estimates the virus will disrupt over 33% global clinical trials, endangering $3 billion in brand new product sales at risk.

Staring at the future

As the healthcare sector undergoes a tectonic shift in providing medical services and tools, practitioners and leaders need to review a few steps to ensure the best practices and protocols, and thwart any form of violation of the concerned law. It will also prevent potential scam and fraud.

  • Healthcare units need to provide secure and seamless telehealth online directives and vivid communication. It’s a legal requisite under the government rules to prevent protected and sensitive health information and logistics from going into the wrong hands.
  • EJ Dalius explains why establishments must follow a comprehensive and cohesive document verification system. AI can bolster the memorialization part. The record-keeping aspect is not only a legal prerequisite, but it also serves as a frontier for billing glitches down the path.

You need to watch out for CMC waivers pertaining to coronavirus exceptions and conventional regulations.

EJ Dalius Knows How To Prepare A Business Post-Pandemic

Summary: It is vital to address the best notions on ways to prepare your business post-pandemic. Challenges are there and Eric Dalius helps to overcome them.

COVID has literally changed the ways you used to see your life. Now, your life revolves around masks and hand sanitizer. Similarly, you cannot ignore how much it has affected the business world, no matter in which industry you belong to. Experts like Eric Dalius know how hard it might be to enter the world of business after such a massive set-back!

He is here to share some of the finest tips, which will literally help you to get your business back up and running successfully. Don’t forget to follow his tips first thing!

Understand the firm’s present position:

Before you get to make some smart strategic decisions, you have to understand the current standing scenario in your environment. You need to understand the role your business plays in this current eco-system. Understanding more about your competitors these days is also very important. Some businesses can shut down your door and then reopen unchanged, and others have to think about a different business idea. So, get your current position into understanding before opening up your business yet again!

Comprehend your staff’s perspective right on the cut made:

As your business was going down the drain, you have no other option but to cut your employees’ salaries. Some even lost their jobs. According to professionals like Eric J Dalius, you must know what effect it might bring once you cut a percentage of your employees’ salaries. This strategy houses some risks alongside some benefits. So, make sure to think about it from your team’s perspective. 

Enhance current business operations:

Now is the time to move forward with double the pace! The areas which you thought were hard to reach; you better reach those places as soon as possible. Enhance your business operations by adding new members, new teams, and in-house resources. There are three major points to focus on right now, and those are People, Platforms, and Processes. The upcoming six months are crucial, but you have to go through them.

  • Start preparing your people by creating a continuous training program. Offer your employees the platform to help them perform their duties and guide towards the company’s vision.
  • Now is the time for firms to review their current processes. To adapt to the new business world, you have to re-think the process of the firm by making the services client-friendly.
  • The time has come to reallocate the remaining budget for the upcoming year to develop a platform, benefitting both employees and clients. 

The team factor:

If you ask EJ Dalius, he will ask you to retail most of your old employees. That helps in not just bringing them together but also generate one collective spirit of endurance, especially when the pandemic is still up and running. Keep your team of completely skilled people with proper knowledge of the company. It helps to keep the process intact.

Following these simple steps can eventually help your business to come out of such a pandemic scenario and get proper response from the clients. Following them from the core is really important.