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Eric Dalius Miami shares 8 Tips to Grow Your Twitter Following Fast

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“I just read this and thought about sharing it. It’s an article that I really enjoyed,” says Eric Dalius Miami

Twitter is a great place to be if you are in social media marketing. With millions of people using Twitter, it’s the perfect platform for business owners to connect with their customers and potential clients. While there are millions of individuals out there who use Twitter, having millions or even thousands following your account doesn’t happen overnight. You have to work at it while also taking advantage of opportunities when they arise which can help you gain followers quickly.

Here are 8 tips you can follow to build your Twitter following fast!

1) Follow the right people

There are many factors that go into gaining more Twitter followers. One of the most important ones is who you follow. You should always be following influential people or people that will help give your page more visibility, but avoid following too many people at once. We recommend only following about 20-30 new accounts per day because following too many results in Twitter slowing down significantly or even not working properly altogether. To find users to follow try using Klout, Klear, FollowerWonk, Twellow and Moz’s free tool for finding followers based on keywords you enter into their search bar says Eric Dalius Miami. The last three tools are paid services but they’re very affordable and worth it if you want to save time!

2) Reply often

A good tip to gain Twitter followers fast is simply replying to your mentions. This allows you to connect with the people who are talking about you, your brand or your company. Make sure to thank them for mentioning you and be as engaging as possible so they want to continue communicating with you on Twitter. Reply at least once an hour if not more!

3) Interact with other accounts

Simply tweeting about what’s going on in your industry isn’t often enough to gain followers quickly. Make sure to interact with other users by liking their tweets, retweeting their posts or even starting a conversation with them by adding @username into your tweet. Don’t forget that hashtags are important too! Using popular hashtags can help boost the visibility of what you’re tweeting which leads to our next tip…

4) Use hashtags

One of the best ways to gain Twitter followers is by using hashtags. They make tweets searchable and make your tweets more noticeable among users who are interested in certain topics says Eric Dalius Miami. We recommend researching popular hashtags related to your industry and including 1-3 popular hashtags with every tweet you send out. You can also use tools like RiteTag that will help you find the perfect hashtag for your tweet!

5) Engage on other social media sites

Twitter isn’t the only social media platform where you’ll be able to gain Twitter followers fast. Make sure to engage with people on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and even Instagram as well because this will increase the visibility of your posts which leads to more social shares and ultimately more Twitter followers. We recommend only engaging on one of these sites per day so you don’t look too promotional and spammy.

6) Use Twitter lists

Twitter lists are a great way to organize who you follow into different categories that can help tag users based on their interests, location, company size, etc. This makes it easier for you to engage with them later by tweeting about relevant topics they’re interested in or even including your properly tagged list when tweeting out new blog posts! You should always be creating Twitter lists after the following someone because if they already have a large following, there’s a good chance they’ll appear in the ‘Who to Follow’ section for other people which will lead to even more followers explains Eric Dalius Miami. Here’s a list of our top Twitter lists!

7) Keep posting

Twitter is a social media site where the more often you tweet, the better it will be for gaining followers. Don’t be afraid to post multiple times per day and always try to add something new or interesting into each individual tweet. You should also avoid tweeting the same thing over and over again because this leads to spam filters and your tweets won’t appear in many peoples’ feeds! Also, don’t forget that photos get 53% more retweet than average tweets so we recommend always including at least one photo with every tweet! Here’s an example:

8) Put your bio on private

Although we generally recommend keeping your public so other users can see what you’re tweeting about, you’ll have better luck gaining Twitter followers fast by making your bio set to private says Eric Dalius Miami. That way, new users can’t follow you unless they already have a following of their own or are recommended by one of the many existing users that already follow them!


Twitter is a great social media platform to use to share your messages with the world. By following these top tips, you’ll not only increase your own exposure but also gain Twitter followers at an even faster rate! If you have any questions or other suggestions about how to get more Twitter followers, feel free to leave them in the comments below! Stay tuned for our next article on how to get more Facebook likes because that’s just as important!

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