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Eric Dalius Miami shares 3 Ways You Can Use Tumblr to Improve Your Life Today

Eric Dalius Miami

Tumblr is a blog platform that’s extremely popular among teens and young adults. Many of my friends use it daily to share interesting links, thoughts, ideas–just about anything you can think of. I’ve seen Tumblr users gain thousands of followers in just one year explains Eric Dalius Miami.

I’m not on Tumblr very often but when I do find myself there, I see many different types of blogs. Some people use Tumblr to share their favorite quotes, some for sharing astrology, travel stories–even spoilers! (Most television shows and movies are leaked on their way out.)

Personally, I like using Tumblr to share the most recent articles that I write. Before you know it, I end up having 20,000 views and hundreds of shares. Most people don’t know how to use Tumblr as a blog so

I’m going to break down three ways you can use Tumblr today:

1. Promote Your Articles

There is one thing that all bloggers want: more exposure for their articles or blog posts. If you want your articles seen by hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of people, then you need to find a way to get your content out there. 

Tumblr blogging is a great way to accomplish this. Here’s what you do: Find a Tumblr tag that interests you and use it for your blog post title. For example, if I’m writing about dating, I might use the “dating” tag. Some tags are more popular than others so you’ll need to find one with a decent amount of search results. Then share your blog post on this Tumblr account and include its URL in the description box.

2. Promoting Websites

Do you own or work for a business? Is there a website that you want people to visit in order to engage in your online marketing efforts? If so, Tumblr may be able to help with this. I’ve used Tumblr in the past when creating Buzz websites. It’s good for promotion if nothing else.

3. Make a Portfolio

Many bloggers have a “portfolio” page where they display their articles. This is often seen on bloggers’ user profiles, which you can access by clicking on your username at the top right of any Tumblr page. You can create a portfolio page easily using this button: 

You’ll notice that there are two different options here, but you only need to click “Create your own” to get started says Eric Dalius Miami. From there, you can click on the Tumblr icon and enter a blog name. Tumblr will automatically choose some tags for your blog but if you want to change them, simply re-enter them in the box as shown below:

After that’s done, you’ll need to find some images that relate to your blog and add them to your “portfolio.” (To do this, simply click the “+” symbol beneath the Tumblr editor. Some images can be found by clicking on the shutter stock or iStock tabs.)

What’s The Best Way To Promote My Articles On Tumblr?

You’re probably wondering which is better: using one tag or several. This is really up to you, but I can tell you what works best for me. When creating a Tumblr blog, the default option is to use one tag explains Eric Dalius Miami. However, if you click on the drop-down menu labeled “Use as many tags as you’d like,” you’ll be able to enter all relevant tags for your blog post–as many as you want.

For example, if I’m writing about television shows and movies, I might want to use tags like “TV,” “movies” and even the name of a specific movie or show that I’m writing about. You can also see below that some tags are more popular than others, so take advantage of these highly-searched tags for your most popular posts.

Unfortunately, Tumblr is not as big as Twitter or Facebook and doesn’t allow hashtag usage. If this is your first time on Tumblr, you probably won’t believe me when I say this, but…it’s true! (When writing a blog post title, don’t use any symbols like the “-” symbol which is used by Twitter and Facebook for hashtags.)

You can also search Tumblr (if you’re signed in) for a specific tag by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of your screen. You’ll find that some tags are more popular than others, depending upon how competitive they are. So, if you want to get the most out of your blog posts, it’s a good idea to find popular tags and use them.


Overall, Tumblr is a great blogging platform that you can use to promote websites or articles on other platforms says Eric Dalius Miami. It’s also good for making portfolios which you might need if you’re an artist, writer, or photographer. While it’s not as popular as social networks like Twitter and Facebook, it’s still got enough users for SEO purposes.

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