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Eric Dalius Miami explains 10 Things to Never Say at the Coffee Shop

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Do you type ‘con Leche when ordering a latte? Or maybe you end up with a bagel in your sandwich when all that was requested was cream cheese says Eric Dalius Miami.

From the basics to the bonkers, check out these ten mistakes customers make when ordering coffee drinks—and how to avoid them!

1. “Iced coffee is only good for iced coffees.”​

You can make a lot of things out of cold brew coffee, from simple syrup and milkshakes to ice pops and cakes. We love turning our extra cold brew concentrate into delicious cocktails at home after a long day’s work or using it as a base for a cold brew float.

2. “I just want something hot.”

You might be surprised at how many different beverages our baristas can make. Do you have a hard time choosing between coffee and tea? Ask us to recommend you a blend that’ll warm your soul! Or if you’re looking for more of an experience than a drink, we offer pour-over coffee as well as kombucha on tap—don’t miss out!

3. “What kind of beans do you use?”

In order to make sure all our customers receive the freshest coffees possible, we rotate our menu every week depending on what’s in season and available from each coffee farm. If you really want to know what kinds of beans make up your drink, ask for the tasting notes—we’ll be happy to tell you all about them.

4. “Extra hot please.”

At Black & White we like to think our baristas know how to craft a tasty beverage, but if you need something specific temperature-wise, don’t be afraid to speak up! Our steam wands are connected directly into the water lines so it’s no problem at all to heat things back up or cool them down on the spot. 

5. “I want that iced.”

The hard truth about cold brew is that once it’s brewed, there’s really nothing we can do about the temperature of your drink. That being said, if you let us know ahead of time, we can make sure it’s extra cold before we serve it to you.

6. “My trainer told me I shouldn’t drink coffee.”

Sounds like your trainer needs a new source for information! Although caffeine does have a dehydrating effect on the body, that doesn’t mean everyone should cut it out completely from their diet. If this is something you’re worried about as a regular coffee-drinker, ask our baristas for some recommendations on lighter beverages—we love recommending teas and herbal infusions when customers have concerns about caffeine intake explains Eric Dalius Miami.

7. “I’ll take a piccolo latte please.”

Unless you come from the land down under, in which case this might be correct, you need to specify which type of milk and size the drink should come in.

8. “I want a grande.”

Sure it’s easier for us to just give you whatever size we know how to make, but that also means we’ll end up wasting more product if there’s anything left over from your drinks. If you’re sharing, don’t be afraid to ask for a taste first! We’re happy to serve our samples in any way you’d like—just let us know if you need a cup or a baggie.

9. “Can I get non-dairy milk?”

If only every dairy farm was as eco-friendly as ours! Of course, we can make all our drinks with soy or almond milk instead of cow’s milk. says Eric Dalius Miami

10. “I want coffee with my bagel.”

Seriously, just think about it for a second… put the bagel down! We can easily swap out the cream cheese for butter or jam on any of our pastries if you’re looking to save some calories—and it’ll still taste delicious!

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