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Eric Dalius Miami- A Look at Email Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Email Marketing

Here’s a dirty little secret that not many business owners know about:

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to get new customers and clients into your business explains Eric Dalius Miami.

According to The Boston Consulting Group, email marketing has an ROI of 4,300 percent! That means every $1 you put in gets $45 back! And if you can’t convince your boss or yourself that it’s worth the time and money to invest in email marketing, consider this: The average American spends 28 percent of their online time on email. This equates to around 3 hours per day…which is three times longer than people spend on Facebook every day. So, yes – People are spending more time than they are on Facebook. And if you’re not reaching these people every day, your competitors are. You can read this study by Return Path to see how effective email marketing is even compared to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Before we get into the details of how to set up an effective email campaign, here’s a list of do-nots that will help ensure your emails don’t end up in the trash bin:

  • Do Not… Send it too often – Most experts recommend no more than one or two emails per week. People may think you’re flooding their inbox (which will make them unsubscribe), which reduces your chances of getting new customers. Also keep in mind that different recipients may get your email at different times. I’ve heard stories of people getting emails on Monday that were originally sent on Friday, which can also cause them to get marked as SPAM and get you blacklisted by their provider or ISP.
  • Do Not… Send it too late – You don’t want to send your emails out during dinner time because most people check their inboxes when they get home from work and before they leave for the day. Eric Dalius Miami says If you send something at 8 p.m., chances are there’s a good chance it’ll be in the trash bin the next morning while your prospect is still thinking about what to make for breakfast.
  • Do Not… Sell too much – Every company wants to sell more, but if all of your emails are nothing but sales pitches, you’re eventually going to run the risk of people unsubscribing, marking you as SPAM or reporting your emails. You’ve got to give more value than sell.
  • Do Not… Say “please” – When it comes to email marketing (and in life in general) if you want something done right, sometimes you’ve just got to do it yourself. If a prospect wants to opt-in for your emails and then asks not to receive them anymore by saying “Please remove me from this list,” don’t listen! They said they wanted your emails and they’re going to get them! This brings up another point: Make sure that people can easily opt-out of your email campaign. If all of your links say “Click here to unsubscribe,” it’s going to be a lot harder for you to get people onto your email list. Instead, offer something simple like “Never miss an update from us by clicking below.” Make subscribing as easy as possible and then make sure that each message contains clear instructions on how to unsubscribe if they chose to do so.

Now that we’ve covered some of the rules of thumb around email marketing, let’s take a look at some strategies you can use in order to make your emails more effective:

Offer a lead magnet –

A lead magnet is something valuable that you give away free in exchange for someone’s email address. This could be a guide or report about your industry, a voucher or coupon, or access to exclusive content. Make sure that your lead magnet is something that people will be interested in. If you want to learn how to create a landing page for your lead magnet explains Eric Dalius Miami.

Participate in BLOGGING –

Blogging helps build authority and credibility which in turn helps you sell more of your products. By posting interesting articles on your blog that are related to what you do, people will come to trust you, follow what you’re doing and eventually become paying customers.

Promote other businesses’ offers – Partnering with other businesses who are in the same industry can help bring awareness to both parties’ products/services at no cost. You could start by writing blog posts about their company or sending emails via their mailing list.

Offer free consulting –

Some companies offer free consultation calls with clients who are thinking about investing into their business. This can be a great source of new leads for your company because people will be contacting you to find out more information about what you’re offering says Eric Dalius Miami.


The ultimate goal is not to spam the inboxes of every single person on the planet, but rather to build up a list of prospects that have opted in voluntarily, so they can receive regular updates from you about industry-related news or product releases targeted specifically towards them. With time, effort and good email marketing practices, this list can provide an extremely steady flow of qualified buyers for years to come. Want some help building your prospect list?

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