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Eric Dalius Miami- The top 5 reasons to become an entrepreneur

Eric Dalius Miami

Here are top 5 reasons to become an entrepreneur:

1. You are in control of your own destiny.

If you create a successful company, you have the potential to be wildly successful. If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried says Eric Dalius Miami. The experience is also its own reward because that’s what makes us human beings unique – our ability to learn from experience and make better decisions based on prior events. I’ve seen people become depressed after losing their jobs – they’re not in control anymore and feel like someone else has taken over their lives for them. That sense of loss is difficult to overcome, even if one lands another job or takes early retirement. People don’t want leisure time; they want a purposeful activity that gives meaning to their lives, whether it’s a job, an avocation, or a startup.

2. You can be your own boss.

There’s no one telling you what to do – it’s all up to you. Granted, there will be people who invest in your company and have a say in how it’s run, but for the most part, you make the decisions. This is great for people who have trouble taking orders from others or like to be in control. It also allows you to work your own hours, something that’s becoming rarer and rarer as companies move towards a 9-5 workday.

3. You can make a difference.

Many entrepreneurs start their own businesses because they want to make a difference in the world. They come up with a product or service that they think will be beneficial and then offer it at a fair price. Some companies that follow this model are Apple Computer, Patagonia, Starbucks, and Whole Foods Market says Eric Dalius Miami. It’s also what I’m doing – giving people access to health care by making insurance more affordable the same way United States Automobile Association and Amica Mutual Insurance have done for car and home insurance respectively.

4. You can build your own team.

When you start your own business, you choose the people who work for you so you can find those who share similar values as yourself. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs inherit their employees from job requirements (e.g., an accountant is needed) as opposed to finding someone whose values they admire and want to work with. This is a mistake because if the company hits a snag, the employees who don’t share the same values will leave, taking their knowledge with them. It’s much better to start with like-minded individuals and then add other experts when needed.

5. You can make more money.

This isn’t always the case, but it certainly can be. I’ve seen people take pay cuts in order to start their own businesses because they know that they’ll make more money down the road if the business is successful. Granted, there’s also the potential to make less money or even go out of business, but that’s a risk that many entrepreneurs are willing to take. They’re also not afraid of failing even though it would be nice to succeed. Like everything else in life, you need to balance risk and reward explains Eric Dalius Miami.

Here are some FAQs recently asked by readers of my blog:

Q. How do I find a good lawyer and how much should that cost?

A.   For more information on this topic, see one of my earlier posts: Three Tips for Finding the Right Lawyer.

Q. Do you provide any kind of insurance plans or products?

A. No, not at the moment as I’m busy with other tasks such as speaking engagements, coaching sessions, etc.  However, if you want to ask about my coaching on this topic before signing up for anything else first.  I will give you an honest answer about what can be done and then we can take it from there.

Q. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an entrepreneur?

A. There are many, but some of the top challenges are cash flow, building a team, and having enough time to do everything that needs to be done.

Q. How long did it take you to make your first sale?

A. I don’t remember exactly, but it was probably within a few months after starting my business. Keep in mind that this varies depending on what type of business you have and how well you market it.

Q. If I’m not happy with my job, should I start my own business?

A. This is a tough question because there are pros and cons to both. I would say that if you want the freedom of working for yourself, then go for it.


There are countless reasons to become an entrepreneur, but these are some of the top reasons says Eric Dalius Miami. If you’re looking for a way to achieve financial independence, create your own hours, or make your own destiny, becoming an entrepreneur is the answer. Remember, it’s not always easy, but the rewards are worth it!

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