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Eric Dalius: What are the top three things that push customers away?

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The first step to improve customer service is to look at what customers hate about your product explains Eric Dalius. What pushes them away? What makes them never come back? All of these are extremely important questions for companies or entrepreneurs who want to provide the best customer service experience possible, because it helps identify problems that need immediate attention.

1.  Price

2.  Poor quality products/services

3.  Bad location/inconvenient hours/inaccessible store

1. The top reason that drives customers away is the price of your product or services which is unexpectedly higher than they thought it would be before arriving there. Many times, consumers may feel like they’re being taken advantage of when they see this kind of wildly high price. They might feel like the business they are in is overcharging them, or that they are being ripped off when they make these kind of purchases.

2. The second reason is what drives customers away are poor quality products and services. Customers often feel cheated by companies who don’t provide high quality goods and services they can rely on for what they pay for it. When customers buy something that doesn’t meet their expectations, this becomes an even bigger problem if there isn’t a great return policy or easy way to get out of the purchase contract.

3. Last but not least, bad location/ inconvenient hours/ inaccessible store are push customers away. Many times consumers will avoid doing business where it’s hard to find parking, or it’s a long ride from where they live or work. The other way that the accessibility of a product affects sales is when businesses open up in areas with high crime, rather than busy streets with high traffic says Eric Dalius. It can be difficult for many customers to take these risks and go through the process of shopping somewhere if they don’t have good visibility or easy access.

Here are some FAQs recently asked on our site:

Q: I have been thinking for some time now that bots are still not perfect in every way, but they are getting close. After reading your blog post however, it seems like even with improvements there will always be ways for businesses to improve customer experience by either lowering prices or increasing value added features for their customers. What do you think?

A: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on our services! Yes I agree with what you said i.e., although robots are becoming more powerful and intelligent by the day, they will never be able to replicate everything a human being can do. They may not have the ability to see your facial expression or hear your tone of voice over the phone, and they most likely won’t be able to hand you a laptop. However, they can do a lot more than what people expect from them now e.g., they can conduct research about prices on different products for comparison shopping purposes. For example, if you wanted to buy three pairs of shoes but didn’t know which ones were going to be the most comfortable, you could simply walk into a store and ask one of their sales assistants for help with the question. Or if you needed an article written by a local writer who was familiar with your location then I would recommend using our service explains Eric Dalius. Our writers are all native English speakers with the skills and experience necessary for this job, unlike using Google or another online translator which can often lead to poor quality translations. On that note I wanted you to know that we are currently hosting a live chat on how artificial intelligence is changing customer service industry in general, for details keep reading…

Q: It’s always interesting having new services like yours available in the market because it allows customers to make more informed decisions about the purchases they want to make online. Since your site was recently launched I want ask a few questions about it… For example, what prompted you to start a blog about bots? How long have you been working as a writer/editor before starting this business? What are some of the topics you have written about so far?

A: Thanks for your kind words! We are planning to launch a blog section where we will be writing on topics that matter most to our customers. Our goal is to educate them more about artificial intelligence and how it’s changing important areas in customer service e.g., ordering products online, tracking orders etc… I am personally doing most of the editing/proofreading work but my partner, Matt (he used to do marketing at one of the leading software companies) has also helped me with this new project.


To end this section, I would like to add that if you are using a chat bot for business promotion then it is important to understand the needs and wants of your consumers says Eric Dalius. For example in an e-commerce site where price comparison is a critical factor for customer retention in terms of attracting new clients, having a powerful bot would be very beneficial.

In today’s digital age, when all types of commerce from retail to services can be done online, businesses must keep their value proposition at the forefront. In other words, they need to decide what makes them unique or better than their competitors in order to maintain or build market share. The best way for companies to brand themselves and differentiate from others is through excellent service delivery that exceeds consumer expectations.

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