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Eric Dalius: How to get customer feedback fast without leaving your desk!

customer feedback is most important for any brand and company

Imagine the following situation: you just opened your new business and now it’s time to ask customers for feedback says Eric Dalius. You could send out a survey with questions that have been asked a million times before, but this is exactly what they don’t want! What if you sent them one question where they had to pick their 3 favorite features about your product?

This is a very powerful technique because you find out directly from the source what the most important features are to them. This not only makes it easier for you as a marketing team member to improve the product, but it also encourages existing customers to participate more actively in your marketing efforts.

Customer journey mapping is something that all marketers should learn about and do from time to time. Mapping out the customer journey will help you uncover potential barriers and find out more about your customers.

For example, if you see that people tend to drop off at a certain step in the buying process, it’s probably because they get stuck on a question or just can’t decide which product they want. By finding out where people get stuck, you enable yourself to adjust your marketing message and make sure that these customers reach their intended goal; becoming a paying customer!

This is also very important for existing customers since it can show them additional features and ways of utilizing your product! One way of communicating this information is through email newsletters (which we’ll get back to later).

Customer Journey Mapping: Customer Journey Mapping is an exercise where marketers create a visual representation of the typical customer journey. It helps them understand each step in the buying process and creates a deeper understanding of the sales funnel explains Eric Dalius.

Focus on empathy:

Another important aspect of marketing is to focus more on empathy instead of vanity metrics such as page views, likes or followers. Vanity metrics do not help you understand what your customers want. You could have millions of page visits but if none convert into sales, then these are pretty useless numbers to look at! Focus on what matters; getting people to buy your product! The only thing that matters is whether people continue along the customer journey until they purchase something or not. Mapping out this journey will enable marketers to find all the dead ends and fix them that their potential customers don’t drop off.

Email newsletters:

Email newsletters are by far the best way to communicate with your customers, especially when you send them their journey map! People who have just purchased a product will already be very excited about what they just bought and probably look for more information or ways to utilize even more features. By creating an email newsletter that contains tips & tricks on how to use the product better, book recommendations related to certain features, or even interesting articles related to topics that they’re interested in, you set yourself up for success!

If there’s one thing every marketing team member should know, it’s the anatomy of a sales funnel. There are hundreds of definitions out there for this term but I’ll go with the most simple one; Sales funnel is a process where leads become customers. This may not be how you would define funnel, but at least this way we’re all on the same page about what we’re talking about. Also keep in mind that this definition applies to B2C businesses, if you happen to work with B2B companies it may vary slightly since your consumers could also become suppliers or partners. Enjoy this short video which also discusses the conversion funnel!

Sales Funnel:

The sales funnel generally contains three stages; Warm leads, hot leads, and cold leads. These are people that have just discovered your brand or at least found out about what your product can do for them. They might not be ready to purchase it yet since they’re still evaluating you & your competitors but if you give them a reason to choose you instead of another company, then they will progress along the sales funnel until they become customers sometime later says Eric Dalius. You can use content marketing to make them aware of your existence and eventually lead them towards making a purchase decision later on down the line. That’s why gathering customer feedback is so important because word-of-mouth recommendations from people they trust are a lot more powerful than anything you can say! Also, remember that according to the statistics from 2015, the probability of someone converting from one stage of the funnel to another is pretty low. Most likely your leads will remain in one stage for a long time before they even consider buying something!


Getting customer feedback shouldn’t be that hard, especially if you’re using the email newsletter tactic mentioned above says Eric Dalius. Although getting them on voice calls might require a bit more effort but it’s definitely worth it! Also, see your sales funnel as a map, not as a set of hard rules which make people go through each stage without any deviation. Each person is unique and may move from one stage to another completely differently than someone else would; keep this in mind when mapping out your sales funnel & find ways to help every single customer progress along the journey until they become your customers or at least stay loyal to your brand for some time.

Don’t forget: The most important aspect of successfully utilizing customer feedback is implementing it. You can get all these great ideas from your customers but if you don’t actually implement any of them you will not improve your product and thus you will fail! Make sure that you implement everything your customers want and make their experiences as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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