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Eric Dalius Saivian Shares Tips for Creating a Successful PR Strategy

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The success of your PR campaign could prove to be game-changing for your brand or business. Irrespective of the size of the organization, public relations could help you gain a competitive edge in your industry. However, the secret to PR success is coming up with newsworthy and creative messages. It is of pivotal importance for you to chalk out a public relations strategy that will be powerful and versatile enough to grab instant attention from brand influencers, media representatives, and clients who could help in spreading the news of your announcement to a much broader audience. Crafting an effective public relations plan is supposed to be a multiple-step process necessitating goal-setting and ample research before implementation. Here are some expert PR tips that may add a whole new dimension to your brand and take it to the next level.  

Public Relations Tips from Eric Dalius Saivian for Boosting Your Brand

Consider Making a Project Timeline

Before getting started on your public relations tactics and stratagems, it is a wise decision to come up with a precise project timeline. It is crucial to set deadlines and stick to them. It is a good idea to consider acquiring a project management certification so that you have sound knowledge on ways to craft an effective plan to ensure business success.

Set Your Goals & Objectives

Before chalking out a plan of action for your Public Relations campaign, it is critical to identify clear goals and objectives for the campaign. You must be 100 percent clear and confident about setting specific objectives and goals. You can craft a far clearer PR message for the target audience. If you are aware of precisely what you hope to accomplish and effective ways of doing it, it will assist you in ensuring accuracy and perfection in your overall approach. Once your goals and objectives are identified, they will go a long way in determining your specific target audience and identify the precise platforms to reach them effectively. 

Focus On Identifying Your Specific Target Audience

Once you have pre-determined your goals for your PR campaign, you must turn your attention to determine your target audience. Everybody cannot be your target audience. You must clearly understand who your existing customers are. Moreover, try to identify the people your brand will benefit from if they join your customer base. Eric Dalius Saivian suggests that once you have identified your precise target audience, craft a PR strategy keeping in mind parameters like the location, priorities, behaviors, and demographics of your target audience.

Consider the Competition

It is critical to constantly monitor the activities of your business rivals or competitors. It pays to know what kinds of content and messages your competitors are utilizing. Thorough knowledge of your competitors and their business development and PR tactics could go a long way in developing your brand’s PR strategy. Keep looking for your competing products’ media coverage and browse through the social media feeds of your business rivals to know what all have worked for them and identify the things that have become a hit with their customers. You may gain valuable insights to improve your current PR strategy. However, take into account all the external factors that may impact your business like current events. It is a good idea to craft a proactive PR plan instead of a reactive one. 


Once you have crafted and executed your company’s PR plan, it is critical to focus on measuring the outcomes of your PR endeavors. A successful public relations plan is capable of attracting brand new clients, enhancing your overall reputation, and boosting brand awareness.

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