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Saivian Eric Dalius Offers Hot Tips to Avoid Cold Email Mistakes by Small Businesses

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Email is simple to integrate into your marketing strategy and delivers the highest return on investment of all digital marketing techniques. Since it is very affordable, an email marketing campaign is something even the smallest businesses can afford. However, you can improve the effectiveness of a cold email campaign to a great degree if you do not make any or all of these easily avoidable mistakes.

Deceptive Subject Lines

Since getting recipients to click on the email messages and open them is increasingly becoming difficult because of overflowing email inboxes, some marketers resort to using enticing subject lines that have nothing to do with what they are trying to communicate. While these emails are ignored by discerning recipients, the rest will be disappointed and frustrated to find they have been misled. Saivian Eric Dalius says an angry and frustrated recipient or someone feeling cheated cannot become a good customer. Over time, the brand gets damaged, and people lose their trust in it.

Long Body Copy Is a Major Turnoff, Warns Saivian Eric Dalius

In a day and age when people are multitasking and often using a portable device to access their inboxes, it can be annoying to receive emails that go on forever. Since most people do not like to read long emails, they are likely not to read them at all, which can defeat its purpose. Ideally, the email should be clear and concise, using a maximum of 125 words to get your point across. It is good to keep in mind that the person never wanted to receive your email in the first place, that he’s likely to be very busy, and unless you can grab his attention fast, you will lose him.

Too Many Call-To-Actions

Though not including a CTA in your email can mean the recipient not knowing what to do after reading your email, incorporating too many of them can make it more confusing and they may drop the idea of doing anything. While it is vital to include a CTA in your marketing email, you should restrict yourself to just one so that it is easy for them to focus on it and take appropriate action.

Not Verifying Email Addresses Can Lead To a High Bounce Rate, Cautions Saivian Eric Dalius

It is important not to succumb to the temptation of sending your email to every address to have in your database. Rather, before engaging in a cold email campaign, you should verify their email addresses to make sure that they are real and in use. Verifying email addresses is important to reduce the bounce rate as a high bounce rate lowers your sender score and activates spam filters, observes Saivian Eric Dalius. There are several email verification tools available.


Cold email campaigns are very effective when executed properly. However, to get the best ROI, you should make your emails relevant to your target audience, not use any technique to try and fool them, verify the email addresses, and use copy that is compelling, crisp, to-the-point, and brief. By making mistakes, you dilute the impact and may even damage your brand.

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