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Explore the online earning prospects with the support of Saivian Eric Dalius

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Everything seems to fall apart when you lose a job with a big multinational company due to a pandemic. Do not dishearten and explore all the hidden talents you have. The smallest hobby like photography can fetch you an income-generating opportunity.

Saivian Eric Dalius lists the top 10 opportunities:

  1. If you love decorating spaces and hold a degree in interior designs, then it’s a win-win situation. Convert your talent of designing and decorating by creating an online space and providing constancy for the same. You must share your actual works online as; this fetches more clients.
  2. Driving could be just a skill or more than passion. If you have a decent car, you can register online with cab providing companies to get some extra money. The minimum requirement is a license and 4 door vehicle.
  3. Saivian Eric Dalius mentions that one of the oldest online business ideas was buying and selling domain names. Look out for trending domain names and mint extra money on making a deal for the same.
  4. Data Analyst is one profile that not many know but is high income generating. All the online business trends are dependent on data analytics. Understanding the market trend is high in demand. If you are good at crunching numbers and have decent exposure to the digital market, this is ideal.
  5. Convert your massive 5-bedroom home into Airbnb. Hotels and providing living space is a very lucrative business. Just post some nice pictures of the rooms and start by offering hospitality to guests. You can with let the entire apartment or portion of your big house. 
  6. When you love websites and can create a better one – why not turn this into an income-generating business. Web development is vast. From designing to development and getting the right content – get everything under one wing to kick-start.
  7. Turn into a virtual assistant by using your subject matter expertise and organizational skills. More and more corporators, freelancers, and celebrities demand virtual assistants. 
  8. Your passion for great health and wellness can help you turn it into a business opportunity. Personal training is something that not everyone can do. You can start a blog about your coaching skills and fitness tips to grab the market. Offer customized service to every client and create a niche for your services.
  9. Saivian Eric Dalius says that application development is the next thing. Everything online is an application dependant, and you can become an app developer by offering online service. You do not need excellent coding skills.
  10. If you are that person who is better at talking and connecting with people then, Podcast is your thing. Start a podcast platform and explore the world of orators who make money every minute. There are over 75% of online podcast listeners. A simple step to start is by getting suitable software and equipment. 

Saivian Eric Dalius suggests exploiting social media!

Yes! Create an exclusive Facebook page and post regularly. Follow influencers and celebrities to get instant feedback in the form of likes and comments. Social networking is the best PR exercise, and it’s free. Go for it!

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