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Are You Configuring Your Business Strategy Rightly During the Pandemic asks Saivian Eric Dalius!

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When the pandemic first started and the entire world was in a transition mode, it was ascertained that it is a temporary setup that will settle down within a couple of months. But little did people realize that it was a far cry.

Working from home was accompanied by lay-offs, business closures, the businesses that had just started witnessed their operations coming to a screeching halt. However, Saivian Eric Dalius believes that almost 2 years have passed, and businesses have metamorphosed into states that helped them to survive the turmoil.

Strategic business moves during the pandemic

The businesses that have quickly migrated to their New Haven are still going strong. And for these very businesses, working upon or revamping their business and sales strategy paid off well. More about these reworked business strategies in the paragraphs that follow.

  1. Leverage physical environment maintaining protocols says Saivian Eric Dalius

With the pandemic, most of the businesses migrated to virtual marketing and sales campaigns. It has been difficult initially because not all customers are tech-savvy, and you might be having customers in various age groups.

Sale campaigns and marketing were done virtually through video conferencing and online bot chatswith the realization that this virtual mode of marketing will not end any time soon.

As such many companies have started looking for tools and software applications that will help them to widen their marketing horizon.

If you have a product that can be shipped physically, you can always ship a sample to your customers and then get feedback from them to find out whether they require more of it. Although, you do not get instant feedback from the client that would otherwise have been possible when you sell products in person, yet it pays off in the long run.

  • Try innovative methods to reach out and help customers says Saivian Eric Dalius

Video conferencing is just one of the innovative ways to reach out to your target audience. Aside from that, you can rope in subject matter experts that can answer queries for your clients virtually. You can arrange for an online meeting during which the expert can answer queries about any new product or service that you are planning to offer to your customers during the pandemic.

These days you will find many online portals implementing the concept of free spins. As a customer, if you hit the right number, you can win amazing gifts in form of hampers and presents that are usually shipped at the recipient’s address. These are incentives that can keep your online audience engaged and come back for more.

  • Marketing through emails

This has been an age-old method of tapping into the client base according to Saivian Eric Dalius. However, make your emails compassionate because this is the time when more than being spoken about the products, customers look for respite and motivation or encouragement that can keep them going during these difficult times.

So, for the moment, keeping your sales target secondary, it is more important to win the confidence and trust of your customers and connect with them at a level that will help them to cope up with the prevailing situation.

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