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The varied ways of using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency – Eric Dalius Bitcoin

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Computerized money is perhaps a more apt definition of cryptocurrencies that do not have any centralized control and available to anyone who knows how to use the complex technology-driven currency powered by a vast distributed network of computers. Eric Dalius Bitcoin says that it does not have any physical form. Still, its owners can access the funds and enter into any transaction like sending, receiving, and storing it in a secure digital wallet. Not only is it your money, but only you are also responsible for keeping it safe as no one else has any control over the currency.  Whether you gain or lose by owning and transacting Bitcoins, you cannot blame others.

The different ways of using bitcoin will become clear on going through this article.

Bitcoins for moving and storing money

Bitcoin is like your regular money, and you can send and receive transactions from another person or business, provided they accept cryptocurrencies. The transactions done using Bitcoins entail a small transaction fee that is almost insignificant to the standard transaction fees we know about. Moreover, the transactions, including international transfers, happen in a flash as data transfer is superfast between the bitcoin network computers.

Storing Bitcoins is like keeping cash in your bank account but without any third-party control. While using digital wallets is a safe way of storing Bitcoins, purchasing a hardware wallet adds an extra security layer during storage.

Many businesses accept Bitcoins

Business owners can accept payment in Bitcoins, and it is beneficial because there is no chance of fraudulent chargebacks says Eric Dalius Bitcoin. You can accept Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency by considering the reliability, speed, and transaction cost of that currency. However, it would help if you had the proper setup to start accepting Bitcoins for business transactions. Firstly, you will need a secure digital wallet for storing or accepting digital payment. Secondly, you need either a point of sale app if you have a physical store, and for online business, you need a Bitcoin payment gateway.

Exchange Bitcoins for other currencies

If you have Bitcoins, you can exchange them for some other currency – both digital and physical or traditional currencies.  To exchange Bitcoins, you must take help from a cryptocurrency exchange by creating an established exchange account. After verification of your identity, you can start transactions for exchange. For better margins in trading, instead of a cryptocurrency exchange, you can use some trading platform that allows you to trade in Bitcoins anonymously. They will charge much lower fees than the cryptocurrency exchanges.

Repeated confirmation of transactions

The computers in the Bitcoin network continually process and verify real-time transactions while people send and receive Bitcoins. All transactions get recorded in a public digital register globally, which people usually refer to as blockchains. Every time a new transaction or block is added to the blockchain, the system verifies and acknowledges the earlier transactions once again. The verification, known as confirmation, is a mark of security, and more confirmation means more security.

Although you can stay anonymous when transacting in Bitcoins, all transactions are visible to the public.

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