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Home » Stay active and healthy with the right exercises during self-quarantine- EJ Dalius gives guidelines

Stay active and healthy with the right exercises during self-quarantine- EJ Dalius gives guidelines

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Summary: Self-quarantining, social distancing, shut down of most gyms, and a sedentary lifestyle have made doing exercises an uphill task. But EJ Dalius gives tips to stay healthy and fit.

Putting first things first, you need to bear in mind that exercise guideline caters to those people in home quarantine, who don’t have any diagnosis or symptoms of acute respiratory disorders. You mustn’t replace your medical routine or guidance for a health condition with exercises.

Confining yourselves at home beyond a certain stretch of time can pose numerous challenges. It’s difficult to remain physical active. Low levels or frequencies of physical tasks can impact your quality of life, well-being and health adversely. Additionally, self-quarantine is causing extra challenges and stress, leading to mental conditions in some citizens.

  • Relaxation techniques and physical activity can be priceless tools to remain healthy and calm. It helps protect your health and wellness during these turbulent times.
  • The World Health Organization recommends 100-150 minutes of low-intensity to moderate physical activity every week.
  • You can also do 75 minutes of rigorous physical training each week, or combine both.
  • You can still achieve these recommendations at home with limited space and no special arrangement or equipment, Eric Dalius adds.

Know your resources

Never downplay the power and purport of stretching. You don’t require huge space to stretch. Simple stretches or yoga at home can relieve stress and muscle tension, helping in posture realignment.

  • You can also induce some creativity in the mix. Use household articles like tie, towel, or belt for stretching. If you’re sitting in front of your home desk throughout the day, you can do some simple stretches for opening up your back and chest.
  • You can lean down or stand straight to touch your toes. Try linking your hand behind the back. You can also bend over for elongating your spine. Eric J Dalius underlines another important stretch to enhance your shoulder roll’s posture.
  • Stand or sit in a comfortable position. Start inhaling and raising your shoulders till your ears. During the exhalation process, pull down your shoulder blades together. Repeat this process for 5-10 times in a row.

The virtual workout classes are free and simply great. Fitness and well firms are bringing exercise to your room. They are offering free resources and classes. For example, Nike offers their premium training club for free. There are over 200 streaming tips and workouts from their own trainers.

Make or get your activity

EJ Daliusurges you to get outside as much as you can, with all safety precautions in place. Jog, take a brisk walk, or ride a cycle outside. Always wear a mask and maintain proper distance from others. The sunshine and fresh air are more medicinal than you think. They boost your wellness and mental health.

Workouts need to be interesting at times to kill the boredom. If you have weights or are purchasing some, blend them with calisthenics. Also, listen to an interesting podcast or watch your favorite show. You can try other activities like tennis, bowling, soccer, skateboarding, or dancing.

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