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Eric J Dalius: How do you know your business is doing well?


In an entrepreneur’s life, ups and also downs are not rare. But with this, they also have to deal with confusing thoughts that may occur from time to time. They may suddenly feel unhappy about how things are going, or the pressure of wearing too many hats can bog them down. As an entrepreneur, you can relate to these emotions. You may also have moments when you felt weak. A lot of entrepreneurs go through this phase in their initial stint, so don’t worry.  Despite giving it all, you can experience a sense of inadequacy. 

When this happens, you need to tell yourself these are only emotions and also nothing else. Even the most successful entrepreneurs also couldn’t avoid such feelings. You have to get over the negativity by looking into things that are working fine. Search for signs that prove you are on the right track. Here are a few areas that you can consider for this purpose.

Looking into areas where your business is doing well by EJ Dalius


In the initial few months and also sometimes years, entrepreneurs have to juggle between costs and expenses. If not managed properly, these can cause cash-flow problems. However, if your business is financially stable, and also you can pay bills on time, you already have a taste of success in this critical domain.


Look back at the journey your business has covered. It may not be the same as what it used to be in the starting. Growth and also progress may have changed it. There can be more employees working for you and also various well-functioning departments too.  Eric J Dalius says it can be another feel-good factor to enjoy if you have achieved this.

Professional network

Everything doesn’t have to be directly in connection with your business. You can also study your professional relationships. Do you feel it has become better and also broader? If you meet different people and also exchange contacts with them for collaboration opportunities, you can delight in this. It shows you have a supporting professional group around you. Also, their willingness to join hands is evidence they trust your skills.

Thought leadership

Do you attend panels or local business events for giving speeches? It is also an indication that your business community sees you as a thought leader. You have become a respected entity, and also it is no mean achievement. Some people aspire to be a thought leader and also pursue a career in this.


Many new business owners fear to make mistakes because they see them as a nail in the coffin. Only an experienced entrepreneur understands that errors can increase their learning curve and also give them a chance to do better. Successful business people treat their failures as opportunities for growth and also show the same picture to their company staff. If you have reached this level, you have covered some distance and also be glad about it.

So, whenever you feel you are down in the dumps, turn your mind into areas where your business has shown promising improvement. Your energy and also confidence will naturally restore for sure.

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